For students that will start the Master programme Aerospace Engineering in 2023-2024: there have been maximum capacities established for each track.

Why are we doing this

In recent years we have seen a large increase in applications for different tracks. This has led us to increase the amount of staff members in different departments and adapt our education (such as installing a new profile), but for certain tracks the number of prospective students is higher than can be accommodated. As this situation was not sustainable anymore, this measure is imposed to ensure the continuation of the high quality of our education.

What is the capacity for each track

Students that are eligible for our Master programme, will still be allowed to study in the Master programme Aerospace Engineering. However, each track has a maximum capacity, indicated in the table below. This means that some students will not be able to follow the track of their first choice.

Track Capacity Indication for track capacity
Track Aerospace Structures & Materials 110 ++
Track Aerodynamics & Wind Energy


Track Control & Operations 130 +/-
Track Flight Performance & Propulsion 60 --
Track Space 120


The colours above indicate the expectation that a placement procedure will need to be executed. Green (++) indicates that the outlook is that there is sufficient capacity for next academic year, orange (+/-) indicates that it could be that there are more students than capacity, and red (--) indicates a high probability that a placement procedure will need to be done.

What will happen when the capacity is exceeded

If the above limit is exceeded for a particular track, a placement procedure will take place.

More information about the aforementioned placement procedure as well as the further details about the admission procedure 2023/2024 will follow soon, and will be published on this webpage. Also, you must be aware that the information on this page can be changed soon because of the new procedure. For now it is important that:

  • You can still register yourself for our Master programme Aerospace Engineering
  • You can indicate your track preference at a later moment (will be further announced in the coming weeks)
  • In case the capacity will be exceeded, there will be a placement procedure in which the capacity is best matched with the prospective students. In order to be assured a place in your desired track, you will need to participate in this procedure
  • If you are not allocated a place in the track of your first choice, you can still be placed in one of the other tracks.


If you have any questions, you can send an email to:

What are your alternatives

We know that certain tracks have recently increased in interest amongst prospective students. You can also look at other programmes within the TU Delft. For students interested in Space, please see below a few examples of alternatives:

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