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Hosts Argentina: Aeropac, Embajada del Reino de los Países Bajos & Argentina

Hosts Bolivia: Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, UMSS - Cochabamba, Universidad Mayor de San Simon

Hosts Chili: Universidad de Concepción

Hosts Colombia: Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Testimonial Professor Dr. Frank Tinnap, Universidad de Concepción

"At Universidad de Concepción we are receiving internship students since several years. The students always find exciting and challenging internship opportunities in our laboratories. They are mainly focused on the design, fabrication and operation of small unmanned aerial systems (aircraft and multicopters), including aerodynamic design, flight dynamic, simulation and control, composite structures and flight testing. All Delft students love our campus, which is placed inside a pleasant park and holds all schools and departments together in one location. The students find people in Chile to be very hospitable and interested to know students from Europe. Basic prior knowledge of the spanish language is very helpful when establishing social contacts in the bars and restaurants around the campus. Our experience with interns from Delft has been very pleasant and prolific. We find them to be well prepared to encounter a challenging problem and able to integrate perfectly in existing workgroups."
Professor Dr. Frank Tinnap, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Intership projects

Intern: Roel Hogenhuis

Poster (pdf)

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Internship Coordinators

Mrs. Miranda van Haagen

Mrs. Mechteld van Beijeren



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