Are you interested in the bachelor’s degree programme at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft? Find out whether you and the programme match by taking our online course: Introduction to the bachelor's of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. 

About the mini-MOOC

This course is based on material taught to first year bachelor's students at the faculty. The course is designed to highlight some important aspects of the coursework and showcase the expected level of academic rigor for first year bachelor’s students. We’ve selected only a few topics to cover during this mini-MOOC, including a basic history of flight, the atmosphere and how aircraft fly. We’ve chosen these sections because they are fundamental to the understanding of aerospace engineering and its more advanced concepts.

The mini-MOOC takes around three hours to complete and is designed to be completed in a single sitting.


You can ask questions about the mini-MOOC and give feedback year round to or by placing a message in the discussion forum on the Edge platform. In December and January senior students are available on the discussion forum to help with the lessons and assignments.


The mini-MOOC is there to help you choose the right study programme. Any prospective student is welcome to participate without any obligation to actually enrol in the BSc Aerospace Engineering. Participating in the mini-MOOC is free of charge.  


For prospective students who want to enrol in the BSc, participation in the mini-MOOC is a compulsory part of the decentralised selection procedure. You must register for the course using the same email address you plan to use for the official enrolment via Studielink.


The mini-MOOC is hosted on the Edge platform, a part of the online education platform Edx.

  1. Create an account with Edge. If you have an existing Edx account, you must register with Edge to enrol in the course. 
  2. Please confirm your account by clicking on the link in the e-mail sent to you by the Edge platform.
  3. Send an email to with the email address you used and with the subject line Mini-MOOC. 
  4. You will be enrolled in the course and it will appear in your dashboard on the Edge website.

Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering

This course is a shortened version of the full scale MOOC Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering. For a more thorough preparation for the BSc programme, we recommend prospective students to participate in this course as well.


Monitoring dates

The mini-MOOC is available 12 months per year. In December and January teaching assistants are available on the discussion forum.