Meet & Eat | Addressing grand challenges: How to educate students for trans-disciplinary (technological) innovation | 20 December

20 december 2022 12:45 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: Teaching Lab, Forum - Door: Teaching Academy | Zet in mijn agenda

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Addressing grand challenges: How to educate students for trans-disciplinary (technological) innovation 

Nowadays, society faces many grand challenges such as the energy transition, global warming, health and more. In order to deal with these (and future) challenges it is becoming more and more important to educate students beyond technology and teach them some of the basics of multi- and trans-disciplinary innovation.  

In this Meet & Eat, Frido Smulders will talk about his 4TU train-the-teachers (TTT) program that aims at exactly that: supporting you as a teacher in embedding some basic principles of multi- and trans-disciplinary innovation in your own profession. Connect innovation science with the engineering science you teach.

How can you educate your students beyond technology? His program is a true collaboration of the 4TU.CEE, with the involvement of professors from all four TU’s. 

During the event, Frido will tell you how to increase your students' readiness to innovate from an entrepreneurial engineering point of view. He will discuss the importance of both knowledge and intuition (sensitivity) needed to cross disciplinary boundaries to innovate technology of the future. In addition, he will invite you to participate in a pilot that will run the next semester (Q3). 

Do you want your students to become future proof entrepreneurial engineers, please join us on December 20 at the Meet & Eat in Teaching Lab.

Frido Smulders is Full Professor of Entrepreneurial Engineering
Design Organization and Strategy department at IDE | Delft Center for Entrepreneurship at TPM | Lab Director of the Entrepreneurship by Design Living Lab 

The emphasis of Frido his work is on innovative and entrepreneurial behavior in social settings such as society, companies and startups. In line with this, his educational focus is on innovating what we educate; and in what ways we educate. 
As a university of technology, we raise engineers that will become in the lead of developing new technologies - which is becoming increasingly more important,. Today’s challenges require not just individuals to display entrepreneurial behavior, but large groups of multidisciplinary actors to collaborate in an entrepreneurial fashion.