Meet & Eat | IDME: How (Not) to Grow a Reflective Practitioner with Sjoerd van Dommelen | 12 October

12 oktober 2021 12:45 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: To be determined - Door: Teaching Academy

On 12 October the Teaching Academy will organise another hybrid Meet & Eat session. 
This session will be hosted by Sjoerd van Dommelen on IDME. 
During the event, there is time to connect and interact with peers and ask questions.

About the Event

To tackle the wicked problems we face today, engineers are required understand their role and position in the field and how their individual perspective both drives and results from their (future) work. For students to grow into these reflective practitioners, at IDE we concluded we need to enable students to systematically reflect on and steer their learning. That is why a set of course- and semester overarching activities was launched, only a few weeks ago, dubbed IDME (IDEtify Me) by its developer and coordinator Sjoerd van Dommelen. He considers IDME an evolutionary prototype and this Meet and Eat will stage the first experiences with IDME, some general lessons learned and the planned improvements for the next MVP.

About Sjoerd van Dommelen

Sjoerd is at his best when confronted with challenges that require empathy, systemic design and (but) lean experiment to develop a solution. Through design coaching and the design of- and experiment with new forms of education and tools, he tries to grow and accelerate change in the IDE faculty, and beyond. This approach equally poses opportunities as it does challenges in our academic domain: although we need compact experiment to validate our assumptions in practice, we need solid foundation for what we do, and scaling an experiment often has great impact on the organisation of education.

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We are aiming for a hybrid Meet & Eat. Are you a lecturer, working on Campus on 12 October, and are you interested to join us in the Teaching Lab? Make sure to fill this out in the final question when signing up. 
(Please note we will be restricted to a maximum of ‘on campus’ participants, so we might have to draw lots amongst those of you who are interested.)