This initiative investigates the role of mobility in society and explores its potential for the future.

Our mission

21 June 2022

Join the Movers and Shakers of Mobility

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Car designers, culture, capitalism and contemporary dance. Explore the fundamental role of mobility in shaping society at our midsummer mobility event together with BMW’s Adrian van Hooydonk; writer, Kader Abdolah; economist, Mariana Mazzucato;  Nederlands Dans Theater and more.

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Dancers performing a scene of a modern dance choreography

Nederlands Dans Theater

NDT 2 will open Mobility|Society Live with a rare performance of  ‘The Most Fascinating Problem in the World’ by Tom Weinberger. Choreographed to the lecture ‘Myth of Myself’ by philosopher Alan Watts, the performers will give life to that all that exists is related to, and is a part of one whole cosmic wave.

Ruben Terlou

on mobility and its geopolitical consequence

Adrian van Hooydonk

industry’s perspective on shaping future society

Emily Molnar

on the fundamental of movements\

Carolyn Steel

on how mobility feeds society

Kader Abdolah

on stories that move us

Annelien de Dijn


Mariana Mazzucato

on public purpose within the flow of capital

Laurens van den Acker

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What’s next?

Unleashing the Potential of Mobility for all

Evening event

21 June 2022

Designers, technologists, economists, historians and environmentalists will share their expert knowledge and discuss new perspectives on the topic with the expressed aim of disentangling the relationship between mobility and society

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A Guide to Critically Assessing Mobility

Book launch

Early 2023

What do we know? What can we learn? What can we do? Our collective knowledge of the relationship between mobility and society will be bundles in this future forward, thought-provoking book.

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Latest news & Podcast

On this page you will find our podcast series – interviews with experts, data analysis and the latest discoveries in the field.


Movement Roadmap

Mobility|Society is a three-act initiative. Act one was the online kick-off workshop. Act two is the 2022 live event. And Act 3 will take the form of a book, which will serve as a vehicle for sharing inspiring discoveries and ideas. Between the first two acts, there will be multiple occasions to get involved, so stay tuned.

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What moves us

As we look at the world around us through the ‘mobility lenses’ and refocus our understanding of mobility for the future, we are inspired by the diverse works coming from all disciplines on mobility, in its myriad of forms. Take a peek at a selection to get inspired.
Coming soon in 2022

Who we are

Mobility|Society is initiated by a group of design researchers from Delft University of Technology and industry professionals. At the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, we bring together a diverse pool of thought leaders in the field of mobility. The goal? To understand society as a sum of mobility relations and steer design research and practice towards a future society that is an intended consequence of mobilities that are consciously set in motion.

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'Shaping a relationship between mobility and society for the future that has meaning for us all'