InSAR satellite data on subsidence and the ‘dancing rivers’ of Myanmar

Using InSAR monitoring, SkyGeo can see through clouds to measure the rate of subsidence with accuracy to a millimeter from anywhere in the world. This is extremely interesting for monitoring strategic infrastructure or other important assets. Even though most of the satellite data can be obtained freely, processing the data correctly is complex and requires specialized knowledge and expertise. SkyGeo has developed and continues to improve an accurate, non-intrusive surveying tool that can be remotely updated on a weekly basis, making it an attractive option compared to traditional methods.

In Myanmar, SkyGeo’s approach led to astounding new insights on the subsidence of Yangon and with SAR change detection the yearly erosion and sedimentation patterns in the Ayeyarwady river were visualised.

Validating SkyGeo InSAR data
SkyGeo provided excellent results for the cities that it monitored, as well as for analyzing river deposit movements. Validation of the data on the ground in Yangon confirmed a high level of accuracy.

Working with SkyGeo
SkyGeo can be used to generate state-of-the-art knowledge on ground deformation. These data are vital for further city planning and protecting current assets. Combined with SAR change detection this can be used to assess the stability of assets and monitor the movement of objects and rivers.

Potential Clients
National and local government authorities (e.g. cities, hydrology departments, and urban planning); International donors; Consultancy and engineering firms; Private sector (e.g. mining, energy providers, oil & gas operators, civil infrastructure firm and contractors).

Pieter Bas Leezenberg (CEO)