Become our Partner

Together with our partners we work on projects inspired by the partners’ challenges and needs, bringing solutions from the small scale to breakthrough achievements.

Examples are:

  • Engineered functional material structures for advanced sensing in high tech instruments with industry partners Nexperia and Krohne;
  • Development of nanoparticle based manufacturing for smart electronic interconnect systems with industry partner Conpart and academic partner the Nanomechanical lab of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology;
  • Integrated microfluidic sensor and actuator platform technology for small footprint low flow control systems with industry partner Bronkhorst;
  • Next generation metrology instruments with industry partner VSL.

Are you interested to join forces and become a NERI partner? Are you curious what the small scale can bring for your products and processes?

If your answer is yes, than we like to define together with you the opportunities for joined research leading to results.