Imagine a material structure which can be tuned to filter out selected ranges of mechanical or thermal waves to improve the performance of sensitive measurement systems. Imagine a compact positioning unit which can assume and maintain a number of discrete positions with extreme precision and stability. Imagine a smart polymer scaffold mimicking the environment for cells and tissues to support drug development (organ-on-chip).

These, and similar, visions are within reach of application through the exploitation of Functional Material Structures. The essence of Functional Material Structures is that properties and functionality are obtained from its 3D micro/nano structure, rather than from the chemical composition and structure of the constituent material. The field of Functional Metamaterials spans from metastructures built on arrays of repeating unit cells, to free form multi-material structures with embedded active functions.

The challenge this program addresses is to establish methods for (numerical) design, modelling and optimization, that allow designers to generate material structure designs with tailored properties. Also, we aim to establish approaches to and technologies for repeatable, high-volume, low-cost manufacturing. Finally, we explore and demonstrate the application of Functional Material Structures in real applications. We find our applications in the domain of high-tech, high-performance machines, instruments an devices, smart industry, and health care. 

Programme Projects