Micro and nanoparticles are essential building blocks in the manufacturing and for the functionality of small-scale devices and functional material structures. They play a key role in for instance electrical interconnect systems and micro/nano sensors.  This project focuses on the understanding and technology development for new electrical interconnection schemes, in which the properties of micro and-nano particles are exploited. Key topics are multi-physics (mechanical, thermal and electrical) modelling and experimental characterization for single particles and particle systems, and manufacturing process development of particle-based structures and patterns.

The project is carried out by two PhD researchers, and receives strategic funding from the knowledge institutions, as well as support from Conpart. The partners invite interested parties to contact us to explore collaboration within the framework of this project. Please contact Marcel Tichem (TU Delft), Helge Kristiansen (Conpart) or Jianying He (NTNU).

PI (team)

PhD / PostDoc