Numerus Fixus

Door het toenemende aantal studenten heeft de TU Delft bachelor Luchtvaart & Ruimtevaarttechniek een vaste capaciteit, een numerus fixus. Dit betekent dat er ruimte is voor 440 nieuwe bachelor studenten voor het academisch jaar 2018 – 2019. De uiterste datum van aanmelding is voor 15 januari 2018.


De selectieprocedure is bedoeld om een goede match tussen de student en de opleiding te vinden en is gericht op de motivatie en de academische prestatie van de aspirant student. Als je onze opleiding wilt volgen, moet je deelnemen aan deze procedure. Elke deelnemer in deze procedure ontvangt een rangnummer. Vanaf 15 april is deze ook zichtbaar op Studielink. Het rangnummer is gebaseerd op je resultaten in de selectieprocedure in vergelijking tot de andere deelnemers. Deelnemers die hoger scoren, worden hoger gerangschikt. Wanneer je nummer binnen de maximale capaciteit valt, wordt je direct een plek aangeboden voor onze opleiding. Zo niet, als je rangnummer lager is dan het aantal beschikbare plaatsen, dan moet je wachten tot één van de andere kandidaten zijn of haar aanbod op een plek voor het programma heeft afgewezen.

Je kunt maximaal drie keer aan de selectieprocedure voor onze bachelor opleiding deelnemen.

De volgende informatie wordt weergegeven in het Engels.

Meer informatie:

Steps selection procedure

Our selection procedure aims to ensure a good match between the applicant and the bachelor programme Aerospace Engineering. This means that the better you fit into our bachelor programme, the higher your chance of admission will be. All applicants must participate in this procedure, which is completely online and in English. The Faculty Aerospace Engineering evaluates this match for every applicant based on two main criteria, namely Motivation and Academic Performance. The criterion Academic Performance counts for 3 times more than the Motivation. 

Please note that all times are Dutch times (CET; Central European Time).

Steps selection procedure

January 15th: Deadline registering

In order to participate in the selection procedure, you must register yourself in Studielink before January 15. If you pre-university education is not the Dutch VWO, you must also submit your complete application file at the Central International Office of the TU Delft before January 15 (see link here). All further communication regarding the selection procedure will be by email to the address you submit in Studielink.

January 31st: Deadline mini-MOOC

You need to complete the mini-MOOC ‘What is Aerospace Engineering’ before or on the 31st of January. The Mini-MOOC is a 3-hour online introductory course and is available all-year around. Find more information about the Mini-MOOC here. The steps to register yourself for the mini-MOOC are described in the link below. Make sure to use the email address that you also used in Studielink. We can monitor your progress in this mini-MOOC and you will not receive any confirmation that you completed the mini-MOOC. In case of doubt, you can make a screenshot of results under ‘Progress’ (make sure to include your email address in that screenshot). Applicants that have applied in Studielink, but have not completed the mini-MOOC, will receive a single reminder via email in the week after January 15 to complete take the mini-MOOC on the 31st of January.

February 28th: Deadline Motivational questionnaire

If you completed the first steps above, you will be invited to complete the Questionnaire on Motivation and Academic Attitude. The deadline for this Motivational questionnaire is on the 28th of February. Your score for the first criterion, namely Motivation, is determined by matching your answers with a reference group of successful students. After the deadline you will receive a link containing the First Year Material that you need to study for the Academic Test.

March 26th: Deadline Academic Test

From March 1 to March 25, the Academic Test will be available. This is used to determine your score on the criterion Academic Performance. The Academic Test has three sections (Mathematics, Physics, and the First Year Material), each of which you can make at a moment of your own choosing. However, you can take every section only once and it is online proctored (meaning you and your screen are recorded during the Academic Test to ensure the integrity of the Academic Test). There will also be several opportunities provided in March to take (sections of) the Academic Test at the TU Delft campus. After completion of the Academic Test, you have until the 31st of March to reflect on your choice for Aerospace Engineering by answering self-reflection questions.

April 15th: Receive ranking number

On April 15, you will receive your rank number in Studielink.

After the selection

If you receive a rank number between 1 and 440, you will immediately be offered a place for our bachelor programme Aerospace Engineering (via Studielink). You must confirm your place within two weeks, by completing your registration in Studielink. Otherwise, your place will go to the applicant with the next rank number. This means that in the following weeks applicants with the subsequent rank numbers can also be offered a place, so make sure to keep an eye on Studielink and your email.

Important note for students with an International diploma:

Non-EU nationality

The deadline for receiving your online confirmation statement and the full payment is July, 1. In order to arrange all services (visa/residence permit/housing/opening bank account) on time you need to be ranked within the fixed capacity before Mid-June. The entire visa procedure can take 4-6 weeks in busy times. Under certain unusual circumstances, this process may take even longer. It is therefore in your best interest to meet our requirements in time (preferably before mid-June) to ensure that you arrive in Delft in time for the introduction programme. You may need another 3-4 weeks to pick up your visa at the Dutch Embassy or Consulate-General, due to longer waiting lists for visa appointments in summer.

EU Nationality

The deadline for receiving your online confirmation statement and the full payment is July, 1. If you need accommodation TU Delft will determine the order in which students will gain access to the housing portal following a first-paid, first-served procedure, based on when we have received your full payment.