Charlotte Eijkelkamp

Starting it off in three years prior to the beginning of my Bachelor, you could state that I started orientating quite early. It began with me visiting the university websites and reading about the Bachelors of my interest. Pretty soon I figured I wanted to study at a university of technology, narrowing down my options to TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and the University of Twente. That’s when I began visiting Open Days. I tried to visit a broad range of studies to be sure I would not end up in a tunnel vision.  For every study that turned out to not be what I liked, I was happy to shrink my list; there were still a lot of possibilities left. Once I got down to two different studies (Computer Science and Engineering & Electrical Engineering) at two different universities, I started visiting shadow days. From here I felt like I would be happy with either of these four choices.  So my final decision was solely based on how I felt. I eventually ended up choosing for Computer Science and Engineering in Delft because I liked the atmosphere better and Computer Science and Engineering suited my interests better.