Merel Steenbergen

During the process of choice, I noticed I had a lot of trouble with choosing the right study as I liked
almost all the course I took in high school. However, I didn't feel like I loved any course enough to study something that had to do with it . Eventually, I picked the subjects that I liked most: mathematics and biology. Then I searched for studies in these areas and ended up at an Open Day for Molecular Science and Technology at the TU Delft. Since I lived far away from the TU Delft, I had to choose another programme to visit the presentation of to make it worth the trip. I ended up going to Computer Science and Engineering because it had to do with mathematics. I was sure from the moment I stepped into the hall of Molecular Science & Technology that I was in the wrong place. However, during the Computer Science & Engineering presentation I had this feeling that this study would fit me: I like solving puzzles and doing mathematics, I just don't want to study mathematics. I decided to go on a shadow day and did it quickly after the Open Day. On that day, I took the first train at 5.26 in the morning to be on time for the 8.45 lecture and you know what? I have never regretted that. I enrolled that evening and have never looked back.