This is a course that is carried out in collaboration with the Royal Academy for Visual Arts (KABK - Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten). Both students of arts and students of science together, to fill up the gap in our education. The students will work on developing new materials. Students give short presentations explaining how a material functions from molecule to macroscopic properties or explaining the use or choice of such material for a given (contemporary) art piece.

Matter of Art is part of the Awareness & Culture specialization.

The art of deliberate connections

By Maxim Veli, Paula Méndez Chacón, Hugo Veldhuizen, Dalia Emilija, Whitley Roefs and Leon


by Jorn Teurlings, Naval Tapan Bhagat, Zeynep Yanikömeroglu, Rosie Peters and Tingyi