Faculty programmes & contact

Faculty contact persons

The persons below coordinate the departmental part of the Honours Programme Master. Students can apply to them for more information about the departmental part of the Honours Track and the specific structure of their curriculum. There is also a central coordinator, (Professor Peter Kroes), to whom students can apply for information about the interdepartmental programme of the Honours Programme. When you want to speak to an honours student you can contact the study association of the honours programme: board-hpd@tudelft.nl

Below is a list of all coordinators:

Faculty Honours coordinator Master
Architecture (Arch.) HonoursProgramme-BK@tudelft.nl
Electrical Engineering, Maths & Computer Sciences (EEMCS) programmesupport-eemcs@tudelft.nl
Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) Ingrid Mulder
Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering and Material Science (3mE)  Judith de Kruijf
Aerospace Engineering (AE) Susan de Rouw
Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG)Maurits Ertsen
Applied Sciences (AS)Peter Hamersma,
Helen Emmerink ,
Suzanne Karssen-Minekus
Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)studieadviseurs-TBM@tudelft.nl
Interdisciplinary programmePatrice Kauw (O&S)