Career prospects

Many of our graduates find work in leading aerospace and astronautics firms including companies such as Stork, KLM, the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), TNO, EADS Space, Airbus, Shell Oil, Boeing and Philips. Others find work in environmental research, or move into positions in national defence ministries, some remain in the academic world and still others begin their own firms. The increasing dependence of business on telecom and satellite-driven technologies wil continue to increase the demand for qualified aerospace engineers. 

Graduates with a specialty in Aerodynamics are eminently qualified to work in the design of air and land transportation systems. Given their knowledge of flow physics and experience with experimental and computational tehniques, there are also opportunities in the large number of industries where flows play an important role, such as offshore engineering, resource extraction, and process engineering, to name a few. Since the Aerodynamics specialty has a substantial fundamental component, its graduates are also well prepared for careers in fundamental or applied research.

For graduates with a specialty in Wind Energy, the recent rapid expansion in the number and size of wind turbines offers ample opportunities in the wide diversity of fields that make up the wind energy industry, including wind turbine manufacturing and engineering, wind farm development, consultancy, financial services, and research and academia.