Track: Aerospace Structures & Materials

Aerospace materials and structures must perform flawlessly and reliably in often extreme environmental conditions, so they require sophisticated engineering to provide optimal response while guaranteeing safety.  Aircraft, spacecraft, and launcher structures are the culmination of a tightly integrated process involving the design and analysis of the structure, the high-performing materials used, the complex manufacturing process to make and assemble the different parts and the testing and monitoring during the design and operation phases. Furthermore, important issues such as sustainability, recyclability, and environmental aspects need to be accounted for in the life cycle of aerospace materials and structures. All of this requires a multidisciplinary approach that is reflected in the ASM educational program.

What you will learn

The MSc track in Aerospace Structures and Materials (ASM) aims to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to tackle the challenge of developing the next generation of solutions that address new requirements and necessities in an industrial or research environment. From an educational standpoint, you will be exposed to a broad range of courses covering the entire process in the context of the design, analysis, simulation, optimization, manufacturing, testing, monitoring, and disposing of aerospace structures and materials. This will provide you with the foundation for subsequent specialization in one of the thematic profiles mirroring the steps in the lifecycle of structures and materials.

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