The research programmes are identical to the three profiles, for more information contact the professors or consult the three section’s web sites. Most of the C&O students do their internships abroad at major international companies (e.g., BMW, Boeing, Airbus, Nissan) or research laboratories (NASA, Max Planck, DLR). About half of the C&O internships are organised by the section at which the student has enrolled, using the personal network of the responsible professors. The internship is not necessarily aligned to the C&O knowledge base. On the contrary, students are free to search for an internship themselves, using their own network or with help from the Faculty’s internship coordinator. Internships can be done on all subjects of interest, as long as they have an academic component.

Academic Staff

  • Professor J.M. (Jacco) Hoekstra
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)
  • Professor M. (Max) Mulder
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)
  • Professor G.C.H.E. (Guido) de Croon
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)
  • Professor D.G. (Dick) Simons
    Section: Aircraft Noise, Emissions and
    Climate Effects (ANCE)
  • Professor H.A.P. (Henk) Blom
    Section: Air Transport & Operations (ATO)
  • Dr. J. (Joost) Ellerbroek, Profile coordinator
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)