Final MSc thesis

The ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations is a crucially important asset in today's high-tech world. The proximity of the oil and gas industry to Delft and the close traditional contacts between the department and industry make for relevant and ground-breaking theses. The two-year course allows sufficient time for creative research.

The thesis is a key tool in preparing and training specialists for the rigours of the real world. The topics are typical of the issues a young engineer will meet in his day-to-day work. The thesis subjects are selected on the basis of the input of the students and their mentors and sponsors. They cover a wide spectrum of work and many are published.

A remarkable network

Tight-knit alumni networks are a long-standing tradition at Dutch universities. They serve their members well in terms of contacts, information sources and specialist knowledge. During the past ten years, geo-engineering alumni have successfully tackled a wide variety of tasks in industrial and commercial sectors, working for the petroleum industry, engineering companies, the processing industry, financial institutions and consultancy firms. Our alumni have also delivered some exceptional achievements in PhD research all over the world.


The haeckel finds its origin in German mining tradition and is in fact a working tool. Supervisors in the mine (fahrsteigers) carried it with them as a symbol of dignity. Handing over this "symbol of dignity" to our graduate students is a well respected tradition since the mid sixties.