MSc Track: Geo-Energy Engineering

With a rise in the worldwide standard of living and a growing world population, the use of the deep subsurface is becoming more intense. At the same time, society requires an accurate estimate of the risks and environmental impacts involved with subsurface engineering. Geo-Energy engineers are fully equipped to address these challenges. They have a thorough understanding of the rocks and structures and rock-fluid interactions in the subsurface which enables them to simulate, predict and monitor processes of deep-subsurface use and to design interventions minimizing the economic and environmental risks in a responsible manner. Geo-Energy Engineering combines multiple disciplines in a single coherent program, which makes it unique in The Netherlands.  

MSc programmes per September 2022
As per September 2022 we are planning to redesign the master programme Applied Earth Sciences. If this process proceeds as planned, the subjects of the tracks mentioned below will be integrated in the master programme Applied Earth Sciences per September 2022. Students who enroll in the current track in September 2021, can continue this track until August 2024, after which a transition into the new master programme Applied Earth Sciences will apply. The curriculum of the new master programme will be published on our website as of September 2021. Please contact the study advisors if you have urgent questions at this moment or consult our frequently asked questions section.

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