Career prospects

Job opportunities

The ability to integrate geology, physics, and engineering and the skills to understand, simulate, image, characterize, and predict subsurface behaviour in the midst of considerable uncertainties enables those who study Geo-Energy Engineering to design sustainable solutions for the changing energy landscape. There is an increasing demand for engineers who can make the connection between the deep and the shallow subsurface at consultancies and contracting companies worldwide. Government institutions will continue to rely on Delft Geo-Energy Engineers to ensure the safe and responsible use of the subsurface. In addition to jobs in the oil and gas industry, the upcoming field of geothermal energy and other sustainable subsurface applications form an exciting work environment for Geo-Energy Engineering graduates.

What kind of jobs do alumni have?

  • Engineer, geophysicist or geologist in the oil and gas industry or in the geothermal industry
  • (technical) consultant at a contracting firm, service company or business consultancy
  • Technical professional in a variety of technical firms (pharmaceutical, drinking-water, chemical, mechanical)
  • Researcher (in academics or at a research institute), teacher