Our research topics

  • Simulation of fracture networks using outcrop data and interpretation
  • Heterogeneity of the Delft subsurface for heat-flow modelling for optimal geothermal use
  • Predicting the impact of geological processes, like climate and subsidence on subsurface rock properties
  • Numerical simulation of earth dynamics at millimeter to kilometer scale to predict stratigraphy
  • Simulation of geomechanical effects at depth due to deep subsurface engineering and predicting and monitoring its impact at the surface
  • Dynamic simulation of hydrocarbon flow in heterogeneous geology
  • Reservoir characterisation for geothermal production, storage, and hydrocarbon exploration
  • Seismic imaging and geologic interpretation to predict subsurface character

Related Research and Stories of Science

Lab facilities

We have at our disposal seismic recorders, seismic vibratory sources, ground-penetrating radar, low-frequency electromagnetic surveying equipment, electrical-resistivity surveying equipment.

Linux computing cluster (252 cores, 2.5 GHz, plus 60 Tb storage).