Introduction to the programme

The Master’s programme in Geo-Engineering at TU Delft equips students with fundamental knowledge that can easily be transferred and applied in specialist areas. The two-year full-time Master's programme is taught in English and requires a strong commitment from students due to the workload being over 40 hrs a week. The MSc programme employs innovative educational methods and provides its students with intensive individual guidance. The emphasis is on problem-solving based on a thorough understanding of the underlying principles, with students obtaining a wide skill-set that is of benefit to industry, public authorities and consultants. The programme is centred on a compulsory core that provides the knowledge and tools for specialist and applied courses. Students are able to personalise their curriculum by choosing the study path that will best prepare them for their future careers. The programme challenges students to solve open-ended problems and teaches critical thinking skills, teamwork and discussion skills. It is based on a multi-disciplinary approach that combines theory and practice; students have the possibility of internships and work experience abroad. In this way, students can tailor the programme to their own interests and future career directions.  

In brief, Geo-Engineering MSc students can develop expertise that is either oriented towards engineering, management, or geology; or broad, covering several fields of GeoEngineering (geo-mechanics, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, and geoenvironmental engineering); or focused on specific applications, such as underground space, foundations, dykes and embankments, or offshore engineering.

Programme overview:

In the first year, students will typically follow the track-specific compulsory courses and complete most of the geo-engineering electives as well as the ethics course. Courses comprise lectures, laboratory and field work and include exercises and assignments, carried out in groups or individually.

The second year focuses on the MSc thesis and the finalisation of electives, including the free electives. MSc theses and internships can be conducted at TU Delft and/or at companies in the Netherlands or abroad.

There are no pre-set specialisations in the Geo-Engineering track. Besides the compulsory core, students select courses from the pool of Geo-Engineering electives. They choose their MSc graduation project and can contribute to the research activities of the Geo-Engineering section or help industrial partners to tackle a geo-engineering challenge. Before embarking on their graduation project, students have multiple options to deepen or broaden their skills, or have a hands-on experience with the 20 EC free electives. In this way, students can tailor the programme to their own interests and future career directions.

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