Our research topics

The section Geo-Engineering aims to improve the fundamental understanding of materials and processes in the shallow subsurface, with a particular emphasis on providing engineering solutions for a delta environment. To this end we develop fundamental knowledge and innovative technology, which is essential to address current societal issues for:

  • Safe constructions in, on and with ground materials (with a special focus on soft soils)
  • Minimising the risk and impact of geo-hazards
  • Increasing the lifetime of existing soil structures (both manmade and natural)
  • Sustainable use of the sub-surface

Research department

Description facilities

The Section of Geo-Engineering is ideally suited to the multi-disciplinary research challenges now facing the profession, with significant expertise in all the key areas:

  • Soil Mechanics
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Underground Space Structures
  • Dikes and Embankments
  • Engineering Geology
  • Geo-environmental Engineering

It also has excellent computational facilities and the laboratory facilities are world class. Aside from many of the standard testing facilities that are common in geo-engineering:

  • Soil models of 25 kg can be subjected to accelerations of up to 200 times gravity in the larger of the 2 geotechnical centrifuges
  • Very low stress level element testing can be carried out
  • True triaxial tests on rocks at pressures of up to 20 MPa can be conducted
  • Detailed images of soil and rock micro-structure using micro CT and CT scanners can be obtained.