Programme in detail

The Applied Mathematics programme is divided in four semesters. At the end of the first, second and sometimes third semester, students carry out exams. In the first year you will spend most of the time on courses, both core and orientation courses, as well as specialisation courses.

The specialisation courses enable a deep specialisation for the optimal execution of your thesis project and are the main focus in the second semester. The elective space may be used for courses to broaden your skills, for courses at bachelor’s level required to obtain the necessary prior knowledge for a course at master’s level, or for an internship.

Because of the freedom in choosing your courses, don’t forget to submit an Individual Exam Programme in order for the master coordinator to approve your selection.

First Year of study
WI4800 (3EC)
Scientific Writing for AM
WM1028AM (3EC)
Ethics for AM
Specialisation Courses
(30 EC)
1 out of 7 Orientation courses
(6 EC)
Orientation course / Specialisation Course
(6 EC)
Orientation course / Specialisation Course
(6 EC)
Specialisation Course
(6 EC)
Second Year of study
Non-Mathematics Electives (15 EC)
(e.g. internship)
Thesis project (45 EC)
Common Core (24 EC)
Scientific Writing for Applied Mathematics3 EC
Ethics for Applied Mathematics3 EC
Orientation courses (choose at least one out of seen
Discrete Optimisation6 EC
Introduction to Financial Mathematics6 EC
Introduction to Quantum Information and Computing6 EC
Martingales, Brownian Motion6 EC
Perturbation and Variational Methods for Partial Differential Equations6 EC
Scientific Computing6 EC
Linear Algebra and Optimization for Machine Learning6 EC
Specialisation courses (48 EC)
Non-Mathematical Electives (15 EC)
Thesis Project (45 EC)

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