Career prospects

Job opportunities

There is currently a great need for well-trained, innovative engineers and scientists with expertise in Earth Science Engineering both in industry and private/public sectors. TU Delft has an excellent reputation in industry, and its graduates are eagerly sought for positions as engineers, geophysicists, geologists, consultants or business analysts. The interdisciplinary nature of the programme in Applied Earth Sciences provides TU Delft graduates with an added advantage. They are renowned for their creativity and their ability to solve complex problems. Often it leads them to work in complex and unpredictable professional environments and to assume leading roles in organisations across the world.

Graduates of Applied Earth Sciences find jobs in industry, governmental organisations, knowledge institutes, and universities worldwide that centre around the programmes disciplines (Weather and Climate, Earth Observation, Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources) as well as in engineering jobs outside these disciplines. They are hired within the engineering industry, construction firms, energy, resource and water companies, IT companies, and consultancy firms advising these industries. They are employed by a range of governmental organisations, knowledge and space institutes, NGOs, and our students continue their academic career at leading universities within the Netherlands and abroad.

Examples of organisations of our alumni.