Online courses (MOOC)

Want to know more about topics related to this MSc track? There are several online courses available.

MOOC Geoscience: The Earth and its resources

Are you fascinated by Geosciences and willing to take the challenge of predicting the nature and behavior of the Earth subsurface? This is your course! In a voyage through the Earth, you will explore the Earth interior and master the processes forming mountains and sedimentary basins.

MOOC Observation Theory: Estimating the Unknown

Are you an engineer, scientist or technician? Are you dealing with measurements or big data, but are you unsure about how to proceed? This is the course that teaches you how to find the best estimates of the unknown parameters from noisy observations. You will also learn how to assess the quality of your results.

We’re excited to have you join us in this self-paced online course, which is designed to improve your Python skills as well as your understanding of computer programming—especially for applications in engineering and the applied geosciences. Believe it or not, as long as you are using a modern internet browser, you can take complete this course without installing a single piece of extra software!

Mastering Mathematic

A strong foundation in mathematics is critical for success in all science and engineering disciplines. Whether you want to make a strong start to a master’s degree, prepare for more advanced courses, solidify your knowledge in a professional context or simply brush up on fundamentals, these courses will get you up to speed.

These self-contained courses are modular, so you do not need to follow the entire courses if you wish to focus on a particular aspect.

Math explained

TU Delft also offers introductory videos on various math topics (Vector calculus, Differential equations, Calculus, Functions of several variables, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics).