Discipline Geo-Resources

This discipline includes the environmental and societal aspects to enable the development of innovative management of geo-resources with the objective of (zero) waste extraction and mitigating associated adverse impacts. Focus areas will include Critical Raw Materials (CRM) with particular emphasis in the EU region and minerals containing energy transition minerals.

What you will learn

➨ Acquiring relevant data in order to model, assess and analyse occurrences of primary and secondary solid raw materials.
➨ Developing novel engineering solutions for the responsible and sustainable use of Earth's natural resources

Research examples

Mapping minerals with sensor technology

Minerals are of great importance to our modern society. From smartphone to laptop, these elements are everywhere. First they need to be extracted from the earth however, an often environmentally taxing, slow and complex process. But this will change soon, if it’s up to PhD student Feven Desta. Desta researches sensor technologies to look for minerals in an environmentally friendly way.