Orientation: Education

If you follow the Education orientation, you will graduate as a fully qualified secondary school physics teacher. The educational programmes are aimed at Dutch-speaking students only, because they are oriented towards the Dutch school system and include internships (Schoolpracticum) at Dutch schools. The Education modules are therefore taught in Dutch.

The programme consists of Basisdeel/Ed1 (30 ECTS) and Verdiepingsdeel/Ed2 (30 ECTS). You will be required to complete both the Ed1 and Ed2 teacher training modules for certification as a fully-qualified eerstegraads (grade-one) secondary school teacher. Internships at schools are a major part of both the Ed1 and the Ed2 orientation.

The Education minor (Basisdeel/Ed1) can be done during the Bachelor’s programme and leads to certification as a tweedegraads secondary school teacher with limited qualification (beperkte bevoegdheid). If you have done the Education minor, only the Verdiepingsdeel/Ed2 of 30 ECTS remains for the Master’s programme orientation. The combination of the Education minor and the Ed2 orientation leads to certification as a fully-qualified eerstegraads (grade-one) secondary school teacher. The certificate will be attached to your Master’s certificate.

In order to become fully qualified, if you did not take the Education minor you can do the Ed1 modules as part of your Master’s programme and enrol in the Ed2 modules as a post-Master’s programme or as part of a double degree programme in Applied Physics and Science Education and Communication.

The programme and all modules are described in detail in the study guide.