Track: Physics for Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing

If you follow the Physics for Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing track, you will study the fundamentals of quantum phenomena and exploit novel principles in nanostructured devices. The unusual behaviour of the quantum world will be revealed to you in delicate experiments, geared towards developing building blocks for devices with unprecedented functionality and scale. 

Course modules
Examples of elective modules related to this track are Mesoscopic Physics, Advanced Solid State Physics, Fundamentals of Quantum Information, Nanotechnology, Quantum Hardware, Quantum Transport, and Molecular Electronics.
Regardless of the track, the Applied Physics programme also includes mandatory mathematics and ethics modules, and a choice of general advanced physics modules.

Thesis project
You will carry out your Master’s thesis project in the department of Quantum Nanoscience or at QuTech.

Additional options
You can combine the Physics for Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing track with the Casimir Pre-PhD special programme, which focuses on preparing MSc students for a PhD position at the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience in Delft or the Leiden Institute for Physics Research (LION) at Leiden University. The programme provides optimal preparation to students who wish to pursue a PhD in one of the focus research areas of the Casimir graduate school.

The programme and all modules are described in detail in the study guide.