Research Facilities

You will have the opportunity to draw on the resources of a number of outstanding research facilities involved in activities related to applied physics, including:

TU Delft Reactor Institute
The TU Delft Reactor Institute (RID) operates radiation-related facilities. The knowledge and expertise of RID play an important role in fundamental and applied scientific research in various fields, both nationally and internationally. The RID operates a unique research facility: the HOR nuclear reactor. This is a small pool-type research reactor (2 MW). The reactor is not built to produce electrical power, but is a source of neutrons and positrons for research purposes.

Nanofacility Cleanroom
The Kavli Nanolab Delft provides the infrastructure required for the fabrication of nanostructures and nanodevices. It provides tools to researchers and develops, optimises and maintains fabrication methods.
The facilities support HR e-beam and optical lithography, mask making for optical lithography, deposition and dry etching, wet processing, thermal processing and high-resolution inspection techniques.

Electron Microscopes
The Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory for Advanced Imaging Research and the Kavli Nanolab Imaging Centre offer a collection of state-of-the-art microscopy and imaging equipment.Electron microscopes use an electron beam to scan small areas of solid samples. These microscopes can be used to analyse materials at the smallest scale to study and gain an understanding of composition, atomic arrangement and local atomic bonding.

QuTech Research Labs
QuTech is an advanced research centre for quantum computing and quantum internet founded by TU Delft and TNO. QuTech addresses scientific challenges as well as engineering issues in a joint centre of know-how with industrial partners.