HBO Bouwkunde Bridging Semester

If you take a bridging semester after your Built Environment Bachelor's degree programme in Architecture, Urban Design, a major in Landscape Architecture or Garden Architecture at a University of Applied Sciences (HBO), you can switch to the university Master's degree programme in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at TU Delft.

The HBO BK bridging semester is offered exclusively in the spring semester and starts in February.

The bridging semester is very intensive because it needs to ensure that graduates of a University of Applied Sciences gain familiarity with the broadly-oriented, academic and design-focused working method of the BK programme relatively quickly. It therefore focuses on highly motivated students from a University of Applied Sciences. The bridging semester is tailored to students with at least 60 ECTS of relevant design experience. Students who have not acquired the necessary design experience through prior education or work experience will need to put in considerably more effort to pass the semester than is indicated in the study load. 

Study programme

The programme consists of 20 ECTS for design projects, 5 ECTS for design reflection and 5 ECTS on theory and methods.  

For more information:

Studying abroad

It is possible to study at a foreign university for six months during your Master's degree. If you are interested in the possibilities, check out the website

Admission and registration

Admission requirements
You can be admitted to the bridging semester in Architecture if:

Please note:

  • certified diplomas and certificates of the entrance exams must be handed in to the Central Student Administration before 1 December. You are therefore advised to take the exam well before 1 December to ensure sufficient time for the marking period;
  • participation in the first week of lectures is compulsory.


Find information about application and enrolment here

If you would like to participate in the bridging semester that starts in the spring semester, you will need to register in good time via Studielink. When registering via Studielink, in the ‘type of programme’ field, select ‘Bachelor's programme or other non-Master's programmes’ and then ‘Bridging programme Master's in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences’ from the list of programmes.

Please note: You will not be officially registered and therefore admitted unless you meet the admission requirements described above.

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