Dutch BSc degree university

Admission requirements

Students who possess a Bachelor degree in Architecture from TU Delft or TU Eindhoven will be admitted automatically to the Master's degree programme on Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences. If you have a Dutch Bachelor's degree in a subject other than Architecture, the Admissions Advisory Board at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment will decide which subjects you will need to complete in order to be admitted. Each application will be considered individually.

Please note:
In addition to enrolling to the MSc Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences via Studielink, students who are automatically accepted to the MSc still need to register separately for the first semester’s courses. This can only be done during the regular pre-enrolment and enrolment period, more information can be found here

If you have any questions after reading the available information about the enrolment procedure for these courses, please contact enrolment-bk@tudelft.nl

Please note that enrolling is only possible after you have enrolled via Studielink, so make sure you apply in Studielink prior to the enrolment period. If you don’t enrol during this period, no education can be guaranteed during the first semester.

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