Career prospects

Graduates from this programme have an integrated, design-led approach to tackle complex issues of the contemporary built environment allowing them to take up a diversity of career prospects in architecture and related fields. The Netherlands has a good global reputation in the fields of urban planning, architecture and spatial planning. Given the university’s connection to important industry figures, graduates have good access to job opportunities in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Going to work

Most graduates of the Architecture Track move into positions as designers, interior designers or urban planners. Some work as independent architects. Apart from opportunities in architectural firms, graduates will also find opportunities in government, education and research, and with project development firms, housing corporations and construction contractors.

In recent years, the construction industry has undergone enormous change. Where in the past the emphasis was on expanding the supply of buildings, there is much greater attention now to the refurbishment, preservation, modification and replacement of buildings. That in turn increases the demand for architectural engineers with management skills – engineers who are capable of skilfully directing the technical, financial and logistical components of a construction project at every phrase along the way, from conceptualisation and design to management of the completed structure.

Register for the title of Architect

To obtain the right to use the title of Architect, Urban Designer or Landscape Architect after having graduated from the MSc programmes in question you are required to first complete a two-year period of professional experience. Read more

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