Architecture and Dwelling

If you are going to be an architect, chances are that you will work within the field of residential architecture. Choosing one of the studios of Architecture and Dwelling will get you acquainted with the manifold tasks that will befall the housing architect in the near future and will provide you with invaluable experience for when you enter the professional world. When you are ready to graduate, you will have obtained a diverse library of references, knowledge and valuable experience within the world of residential architecture and global housing challenges.

Focus and approach

Architecture and Dwelling focuses on two main challenges: the Dutch Housing challenge and the Global Housing challenge. Both deal with the complexity of the urban condition on different scales, with the relationship to the living environment in general and with the individual dwelling in particular. In our studios, both design and research are geared towards the relationship between housing and urban context. Topical issues addressed during the studios include flexibility, transformation, density, challenges for the youth and the elderly, sustainability, integration, affordability, inclusivity, patterns of inhabitation and processes of community engagement.


The Dutch Housing MSc1 studio addresses the fundamentals of housing design within the Dutch context. As such, the studio is a primer for Dutch residential design. The Dutch Housing MSc2 studios investigate urgent residential challenges befalling Dutch cities now and in the near future. One MSc2 studio is specifically devoted to new concepts for living in an aging society.

The MSc 2 and MSc3 Global Housing studios focus on affordable housing in the Global South. Specific places /countries vary from one year to the other. These studios challenge participants to engage with pressing dwelling and urban issues in cities experiencing rapid urbanisation, as well as with the increasing cross-cultural character of contemporary architectural practice.

Please note: The MSc 3 studios ‘Global Housing’ and 'Designing for care' are only offered in the fall semester. 

In all the studios, students get assigned to a specific site and are expected to research human centred, social, historical and physical context.

Programme MSc 1 fall semester 2020 (pdf)

Programme MSc 2 spring semester 2020 (pdf)

Programme MSc 2 studio High-Rise Culture spring semester 2020 (pdf)
The MSc 2 studio High-Rise Culture is offered by Architecture and Dwelling, Architecture and Public Building and Form Studies.

Programme MSc 3 fall semester 2020 (pdf)

Additional information

Additional information about the projects and student work can be found here.

For detailed course descriptions, please visit the study guide:
MSc 1 (only in fall semester)
MSc 2* (only in spring semester)
MSc 3

* The MSc 2 semester of the Architecture track consists of 5 credits of compulsory courses and 25 credits of electives, of which an approved MSc 2 Architecture design project. See also the MSc 2 design projects page for an overview of MSc 2 Architecture design projects. 




Ir. Pierijn van der Putt

MSc 1, 2 & 3 Dutch Housing Studio

Nelson Mota

MSc 3 Global Housing Graduation Studio Birgit Jürgenhake

MSc 2 ‘Towards an inclusive living environment’ 
MSc 3 ‘Designing for Care’