MSc3+4 On-site graduation studio Rotterdam

Veldacademie is a fieldlab for the urban development of Rotterdam. At Veldacademie graduation lab, you will make a design in practice, meet stakeholders and give a meaningful contribution to the city of Rotterdam.

Fotograaf: Jeroen Musch

Focus and approach

The studio space is situated in one of Rotterdam’s regeneration area’s on the south bank. Here you will experience intense interaction with inhabitants, municipality, housing corporations, real estate developers and other stake holders. Veldacademie also cooperates with other academic institutes such as Erasmus University, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Leiden University and others.

Veldacademie and TU Delft are working closely with the City of Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Architecture Institute (AIR Foundation) and the Stadmakerscongres. This offers you a unique opportunity to be at the front of thinking about the future of resilient and just cities.


Every student can develop his/her own assignment, as long as it addresses a present-day issue that is relevant for the city of Rotterdam. 

Veldacademie offers a faculty-wide graduation lab. That means that it’s possible to graduate at Veldacademie for any master, as long as your main tutor is from this master track and the requirements of a specific master track are met. 

In addition to your main tutor and research tutor, Veldacademie is part of your guidance team as a practice mentor. Contact us with your personal project proposal.

Interested? Get in touch about your ideas and the actual possibilities and sign up during the enrolment period. Between the end of the enrolment period and the start of the curriculum there will be a collective meeting in which you can elaborate your ideas into a graduation proposal. 

Programme spring and fall semester (pdf)

Additional information

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