The Building Technology track focuses on research, technological design and innovation, dealing with the newest technology and interacting with the current market. This programme offers a balance between applied research and design of buildings and building elements. 

Track coordinator

Ir. Peter Teeuw PDEng

Academic year 2019 - 2020

First year
1st semester2nd semester
Innovation & Sustainability
(6 ECTS)
Choose two electives from:
Technoledge Structural Design (6 ECTS)
Technoledge Facade Design (6 ECTS)
Technoledge Climate Design (6 ECTS)
Technoledge Design Informatics (6 ECTS)
Zero Energy Design (6 ECTS)
Bridge Design (6 ECTS)
1:1 Interactive Architecture Prototypes workshop (6 ECTS)
Free Electives (6 ECTS)
Bucky Lab Seminars (12 ECTS):
Research Methology
Building Physics
Structural Mechanics
Material Science
Choose one design project from:
EXTREME technology (12 ECTS)
Solar Decathlon (12 ECTS)

1:1 Interactive Architecture Prototypes (12 ECTS)


Bucky Lab Design (12 ECTS):
Design | CAD | Production Technique
Second year
3rd semester 4th semester
Choose one from:
SWAT Studio (15 ECTS)

Sustainable Design Graduation Studio (45 ECTS)

One academic year = 60 ECTS (1680 hrs study, 1 ECTS 28 hr)
ECTS = European Credit Transfer System
Total amount of credits MSc programme = 120 ECTS
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First year

First semester
In the first semester students develop core technical knowledge, following an innovation and sustainability course and the Bucky Lab seminars and design studio, giving them the opportunity to construct their own project in a 1:1 scale. 

Second semester
In the second semester students can choose from technical electives offered by the building technology track. In addition they choose 6 ECTS free electives for the purpose of broadening their academic perspective, knowledge and skills. They also follow EXTREME technology or MEGA (or approved equivalent), projects for integrated design. The design project EXTREME technology is about building in an extreme situation, in respect to climate, location and function. The design project MEGA is about buildings of a large size with engineering challenges. Essence of both is the interaction between the extreme circumstances and/or large sizes, the technical solutions, and the architecture. 

Detailed information on EXTREME technology (pdf)
Detailed information on MEGA
Detailed information on 1:1 Interactive Architecture Prototypes (pdf)
Detailed information on Solar Decathlon (pdf)

Additional information
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First semester
Second semester

Second year

SWAT studio / EARTHY 

In the first quarter of the third semester students can choose for the SWAT studio or EARTHY.

The SWAT studio is a sustainable urban design intervention project that responds to various urban city scaled challenges with technical innovation. The SWAT studio takes the form of an intense two-week workshop, focusing on a particular location from which students develop individual projects. The workshop is typically located abroad. Students should anticipate expenses around 500 euros.
Detailed information on SWAT studio (pdf)

EARTHY focuses on high-tech design for low-tech construction.
Detailed information on EARTHY (pdf) 

In the final three quarters students develop a graduation project. The Building Technology track offers one graduation studio: Sustainable Design. The studio covers the following themes: Structural Design, Climate Design, Façade & Product Design and Design Informatics.

Detailed information on graduation

Cross domain graduation studios
Master students Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences can, instead of the regular studio’s or graduation themes, choose during their second year for one of the cross domain graduation studios. Students from the Building Technology track can choose for:

Additional information 
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