Student experiences

Mira Conci

While doing a Bachelor in Architecture in Austria Irealised that I was most passionate about the technical and technological aspects of construction.  I started looking for a master programme that could bridge the gap between architecture and engineering and I was very happy to find the Building Technologiy track. The track did not  only teach me new knowledge but as well, and most importantly, a new way of thinking: a rational mindset towards problems and a complete new overview on research and designing methods. 

At Building Technology the students are encouraged to study in a very independent way, to set their own goals and manage their schedules. This might be a radical change for many international students, but it has been an extremely positive change for me.  Students are followed on an one-to-one basis, and I always found support when I needed it.  This approach allows me to grow and evolve as a professional and as an individual, it gives me confidence and the necessary preparation to leave the university  and find a job. 

In the Master track Building Technology, students are inspired to find their own field of interest, in order to excel in a specific topic. I took the specialisation in Technology in Sustainable Development and decided to focus on energy efficiency. For me, this specific preparation not only granted employment, but also opened the possibility of a further post-graduate position.

Yvonne Wattez

After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Architecture, I decided to sign up for the Master 'Building Technology'.  My main reason for this was the very multifaceted character of the study during the first year. After two years I found out that I preferred the more technical courses. During the master's courses, I gained more specific knowledge on many technical topics like heat, moisture, installations and acoustics. Also, I had the chance to build a small part from a facade that I had designed myself. This was a very instructive course and besides that, we had a lot of fun while learning how to weld.

In June 2012 I graduated in the 'Green Building Innovation' research programme on the topic of acoustics in sports halls. During my graduation, I was under the excellent guidance and support of my mentor Martin Tenpierik. Even before I actually graduated, a job was offered to me. I now work at ZRi in The Hague. ZRi is a consulting office full of young engineers, which is great to work for. Most of the time I work in the area of building physics, fire safety,acoustics and sustainability. I even get to design acoustics in sports halls sometimes which, of course, seamlessly connects with my study.

Cedrique Steenkamer

I chose the Building Technology track so I could focus on a small part of the building. I wanted to consider how such components look, how they are made, how they work and what the effect is on larger scale. It can be a climate system, a construction component or a facade design. Since we’re dealing with innovative and complicated systems a lot of creativity is needed. As a consequence the guidance we get from our professors and lecturers is very personal. In my experience Bucky Lab is one of the few master projects where you have the chance to construct your own design at a 1:1 scale. That way you’re really faced with what you’ve designed in your mind!

Chenjie Wu

After working for an architectural office in Shanghai and dealing mainly with detailing I realised I wanted to learn more about façade design. I chose to come to Holland as it is a highly ranked country in this field and since everyone speaks English there would be no problem with the language.

I chose TU Delft because I wanted to achieve a perfect marriage between architecture and engineering. For my final thesis I worked together with a façade constructor OSKOMERA to develop a unitised façade system with an adaptable U-value, Improving thermal comfort and energy saving. I now work as a façade consultant at RFR, an engineering consultancy in Paris.