The graduation studio Flowscapes explores infrastructure as a type of landscape and landscape as a type of infrastructure, and is focused on landscape architectonic design of transportation‐, green‐ and water infrastructures. These landscape infrastructures are considered armatures for urban and rural development. With movement and flows at the core, these landscape infrastructures facilitate aesthetic, functional, social and ecological relationships between natural and human systems. Through design‐based case studies, at different scale levels the studio seeks for a better understanding of the dynamic between landscape processes and typo‐morphological aspects; here interpreted as flowscapes. 

The studio is concerned with the design of new topographies by integrating new programs into the ‘genius of place’ and time, and with regard to landscape processes, the continuation of spatial quality and cultural identity of the landscape. It does this through the development of landscape architectural concepts, methods and techniques for design research and research‐by‐design. These landscape architectonic design explorations require a multi‐layered understanding of landscape: its spatial structure (visual landscape), history, (relational) context, as well as the ecological, economic and social processes involved.

The studio is framed around the Rhine‐Danube corridor, integrating and defining Europe between the North Sea and the Black Sea. Along the Rhine‐Danube various projects have been selected based on their strategic and integral nature and potentiality to become a landscape architecture design‐based case study. Within the studio there is also the freedom to formulate your own – flowscape related – graduation project.