Specialisation Sustainable Human Habitats

In September 2021 MSc track Management in the Built Environment starts a new specialisation: Sustainable Human Habitats. Through its unique lens of ‘humans as the core’, the specialisation explores how to create places that balance well-being, quality of life and environmental impact in varying international contexts. The programme prepares future building professionals and policymakers for the behavioural and institutional changes in the construction industry that is necessary to transform our human habitats into truly sustainable ones.

Topics that are taught include:

  • How do you balance the energy transition and quality of life with other societal challenges such as ageing populations and affordability?
  • How do you raise awareness among future housing practitioners and policy makers to design and develop homes with a social sustainability mentality?

The international diversity in backgrounds of the participants will be used as input for the programme to address specific local contexts. Therefore, the programme aims to attract a broad range of international students.

This programme renewal is subject to approval by the dean in February 2021.




Dr. Queena Qian