Student experiences

Testimonials by alumni who followed the Management in the Built Environment track:

Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel

What makes this programme different is its design focus. It's not just about money and numbers. After graduating and working as an architect in Colombia I realised that I needed to widen my knowledge and experiences.  As a designer I had a certain way of looking at things, but after completing the programme I now see things from a more holistic perspective.

I have just completed a PhD exploring the relationship between the accommodation of knowledge clusters and urban development. I'm not sure what the future will bring, but I'm well placed to work as an academic or as a consultant in my area of expertise. Design and management: it's a winning combination.

Richa Singh

Anne Witsenburg

Sascha Jansz

Jens Kvarnström

Exchange student

In addition to my master studies in Sweden, I wanted to broaden my knowledge further and decided to do this by exchange studies. Apart from that the country and the Dutch people seemed very nice, the reason why I chose the programme at TU Delft is because it offered by far the most attractive and interesting courses in the field of real estate compared to the other universities I was considering for my exchange. This because of the courses which dealt with the interaction between design-based solution and management thinking as well as management in a broader scale where you learn to interact with the different stakeholders in a project. 

Stakeholders are essential because the real estate sector have a big impact on several groups such as tenants, neighbourhood and business. I feel that the courses and program have given me a solid ground to  gain even further knowledge as well as adapt the knowledge in practice. 

The master track increases the insight, knowledge and skills in various areas, including; organisation and construction of building, real estate economics etc. In particular I appreciate that academic knowledge with books and other literature sources was combined with practical discussions and real cases and issues. Several lectures were also led by guest speakers from varying fields. Where I’m going next I have not yet decided. However, I believe that the courses have prepared me for a career applicable for many different sections of the real estate sector.

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