Karlijn Klokhuis

Name: Karlijn Klokhuis

Understanding how processes in society have spatial implications, I chose urbanism because of its broad scope, the fact that it involves working with many different disciplines and that functions are at the heart of society. Because the subject is so broad (designing from a regional scale right down to a paving stone), you’re always being confronted with new subjects on a spatial, technical and social level. Just about everything has something to do with urbanism!

It’s nice to learn to understand how processes work in society, their spatial implications and how you can influence them by means of a vision or design. You spend a lot of the time working in groups, because collaboration is also very important in the working environment. That can be difficult at times, but often also very enjoyable, as the master’s programme is very international and you can learn a great deal from each other. Urban planners are usually very down-to-earth and pleasant people with a broad range of interests. Each group receives intensive supervision from at least two lecturers, who you consult twice a week. Most of the lecturers also work in the field and therefore know what’s going on outside of TU Delft.