Osman Ural

Name: Osman Ural

I made the decision to go back into academia after working for 6 years as an architect in Istanbul, Turkey. I wanted to grow more holistically as a designer, and therefore looked outward in search for new ideas and opportunities. I also wished to reconnect with both theoretical and scholarly sides of my profession, which seemed unimportant within the commercial practice of architecture.

That is why I decided to come to TU Delft to pursue my master’s degree in Urbanism. This would not just help me broaden my horizons by zooming out to see the bigger picture, but also understand how society systematically coexists within the built environment, and all the layers in between. Coming to this faculty not only helped me update my outlook on these issues, but it also exposed me to new perspectives that force rigorous dialect within analytical frameworks that primarily exist in an international and diverse setting such as TU Delft. These perspectives included ideas regarding urban metabolism, design, planning, and circularity. The faculty also strengthened my belief that there is no boundary between architecture and urban design, as they both help define our spatial reality.