Admission and application

Interested in doing a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering? These depend on your bachelor’s degree. Have a look in the Biomedical Engineering study guide to see if your bachelor’s degree qualifies you for direct admission or whether your previous studies require you to do a bridging programme first.

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Explanation of the matrix

Students who need to bridge 6 ECs or less qualify for direct admission to the BioMedical Engineering programme and can brush up on their bridging courses through self-study. You do have to take an exam to complete these courses, however.

If you are required to take a bridging programme, then you can enrol for the BioMedical Engineering Bridging programme following these steps:

  • Enrol through Studielink. You will not be able to enrol directly through the programme.
  • Send an email to and indicate the following:
    • Which vocational/university institution you are applying from and which vocational degree or university bachelor’s degree you have completed
    • Which master track you are applying to
    • Do you have a background in Medicine or Architecture? Then you also need to write a motivation letter to be admitted to the programme/track. In addition, medical and architecture students must send a copy of their curriculum and a list of grades and a transcript of their academic results.

If the programme you have attended is not on the matrix

If the programme you have attended is not on the matrix, then you will not be admitted to the programme. If you believe that you have a suitable background after all (for example, as a result of the electives or minors that you took), then this will be assessed on an individual basis. In such cases, you can present your case to the faculty’s admissions committee, e-mail This committee will then determine whether you can be admitted to the programme after all. If the answer to this is affirmative, then you can still enrol via Studielink. You must make special mention of the fact that the admission’s committee decided you can be admitted, by adding the email with the decision of the committee as proof. You will then be notified what kind of a bridging programme you will have to take.

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