Master's theses Civil Engineering and Geosciences

The primary goal of the Master’s thesis is to round-off a student’s course of study at the TU, and to enable them to graduate as a Master of Science. As the regulations stand, this requires an investment of 22 to 26 weeks of study. By publishing these Master’s theses the faculy of Civil Engineering and Geosciences wants to ensure that the outside world is better informed about the education and research that is carried out.

Find a thesis below, they are published per Master’s programme or specialisation:  

Masterprogramme Construction Management and Engineering

Masterprogramme Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics

Thesis Spotlight

Best Graduate CEG: Ir. Rob Richelle 2016/2017

Rob Richelle was nominated to represent the faculy of Civil Engineering and Geosciences during the ‘Best of TU Delft 2016/2017 Award Ceremony’. Rob Richelle graduated Cum Laude twice with two times a 10 for his theses (CE/T&P and TIL).

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