Master’s theses Hydraulic Engineering

January 2019

Cross-sectional stability of tidal inlets using a process-based model: Application of a process-based model to compute the equilibrium cross-sectional areas of the Frisian inlet
Author: Berg, J.J. van den 
Thesis Committee: Wang, Z.B. - Kreeke, J. van de - Zitman, T. - Prooijen, B. van 

Quantifying coastline change uncertainty using a multi-model aggregation approach
Author: Dagalaki, V.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Boer, W. de - Scheel, F. - Kroon, A. 

The development of a method to assess the future-proofness of Dutch inland ports
Author: Dekker, M.K.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Elzen, M. van den - Dorsser, C. van - Hekkenberg, R. 

Identifying Windows of Opportunity for Mangrove Establishment on a Mud Coast: A case study for the BioManCo project in Demak, Indonesia
Author: Domburg, T.J.F. van 
Thesis Committee: Gijon Mancheno, A. - Herman, P. - Prooijen, B. van - Vries, S. de - Bijsterveldt, C. - Smits, B.P. 

Force characterization for a submerged velocity cap in unsteady flows
Author: Doni, G.
Thesis Committee: Bricker, J. - Hofland, B. - Uijttewaal, W. - Jacobsen, N. - Fockert, A. de 

Suspended Sediment Modelling in the Port of Rotterdam
Author: Groot, S.K. de 
Thesis Committee: Pietrzak, J. - Rijnsburger, S. - Chassagne, C. - Hulsen, L. 

Applying the ‘Building with Nature’ philosophy for sustainable port development: Opportunity study for the Port-Industrial Complex Kuala Tanjung, Indonesia
Author: Hoek, A.P.L. van der 
Thesis Committee: Koningsveld, M. van - Taneja, P. - Wesenbeeck, B. van - Broos, E.J. - Wolf, R. - Kleinhout, K. 

Predicting the impact of sea-level rise in Baie Orientale and Baie de L'Embouchure, Saint Martin: Application of a hydrodynamic model including seagrass and coral reefs
Author: Keyzer, L.M. 
Thesis Committee: Pietrzak, J. - Herman, P. - Riva, R. - Candy, A. - Smits, B.P. 

Effects of the foreshore and heterogeneities of the subsoil on the safety analysis of piping
Author: Knops, D.P. 
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. - Kanning, W. - Horst, W. ter - Eijnden, B. van - Heerema, J.J. 

The applicability of the mega nourishment concept for the purpose of combating erosion in Cua Dai beach
Author: Kralli, V.E. 
Thesis Committee: Vries, S. de - Stive, M. - Brincker, J. - Schipper, M. de - Do, A. 

Longshore transport of coarse-grained material: An assessment of the longshore transport behavior of the dynamic rock slope at Maasvlakte 2
Author: Olthoff, T.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Hofland, B. - Smith, G. - Kester, D. van 

Risk-based Optimization of Reservoir Emergency Operations
Author: Sanchez Gomez, P.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Gelder, P. van - Bricker, J. - Sebastian, T. - Lendering, K. - Berchum, E. van

Evolution of submerged mounds under hydrodynamic forcing: Construction of sediment pathways
Author: Saxoni, I.
Thesis Committee: Hopkins, J. - Schipper, M. de - Prooijen, B. van - Aarninkhof, S. - Wengrove, M. 

Reliability based Assessment of Quay Walls
Author: Wel, T.J. van der
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Quist, P. - Scweckendiek, T. - Roubos, A. - Jaspers Focks, D.J. 

October 2018 - December 2018

Wave Climate and Coastline Response of the Dutch Coast: Investigating the effect of large-scale offshore wind farm developments in the North Sea
Author: Ballas, G. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Hoekstra, R. - Moerman, E. - Zijlema, M. 

Spatial integration of dike reinforcements: Development of a method that compares the spatial influence of design alternatives
Author: Berg, N. van den
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Houwing, E.J. - Kanning, W. - Voorendt, M. - Aalberts, M.L. 

The effects of climate change on coastal management in the Hondsbossche Dunes: Analysis and modeling of aeolian sediment transport and dune growth
Author: Fortuijn, L.C.
Thesis Committee: Goessen, P. - Vries, S. de - Aarninkhof, S. - Reinders, K. 

Offshore Energy Hub Island in the North Sea: The development of a hydrodynamic model to explore the ecological feasibility
Author: Groot, J.V.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Katsman, C. - Hoekstra, R. - Zijl, F. - Duren, L. van 

A Deterministic Method To Detect Wave Directions From Surface Elevations: Accuracy And Sensitivity Analysis For The SWDD Method By Using Synthetic Wave Signals And The Mild-Slope Wave Model WIHA
Author: Klarenbeek, R.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Zijlema, M. - Hofland, B. - Vledder, G. van - Klopman, G. - Straatsma, L. 

Oceanic hydrodynamic processes around the Shetland Islands: a data study on the prevailing ocean conditions and main characteristics
Author: Kroes, J. 
Thesis Committee: Boer, G.J. de - Pietrzak, J. - Katsman, C. - Verlaan, M. 

Standardization of Mitre Gates: Standardizing steel mitre gates within existing navigation locks in the Netherlands
Author: Levinson, M.A.
Thesis Committee: Voorendt, M. - Houwing, E.J. - Jonkman, B. - Vorstenbosch-Krabbe, J.  Alphen, S. van 

The influence of surface screens on morphology in side channels
Author: Oostdijk, T.H.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Mosselman, E. - Hofland, B. - Visser, S.M.M. 

Restoration of sediment regimes by modifying dam operations: Case study: The Volta Delta, Ghana
Author: Rouash, A.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Sloff, K. - Bricker, J. - Giri, S. - Omer, A.

Numerical modelling of aeolian coastal landform development
Author: Westen, B. van
Thesis Committee: Reiniers, A. - Hoornhout, B. - Bieman, J.P. den - Vries, S. de - Prooijen, B. van - Rauwoens, P. - Puijenbroek, M.E.B. van 

A methodology for developing a Green Port
Author: Ares Moreno, A.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Živojnović, P. - Taneja, P. - Vreugdenhil, H.

A parametric decision model for navigational lock components: With the Prinses Marijkesluizen as case study
Author: Dudink, B.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Voorendt, M. - Houwing, E.J. - Abspoel, R.

Wave Flume Experiments on Permeable Structures: The effect of arrays of cylinders on wave reflection, dissipation and transmission
Author: Haage, S.S.
Thesis Committee: Gijón Mancheño, A. - Sirks, E. - Uijttewaal, W. - Kuiper, C. - Hofland, B. -Winterwerp, H.

Mapping sub-annual beach growth using terrestrial laser scanning: A study on the application of terrestrial laser scanning on small scale beach variability, to quantify beach resilience on sub-annual time scale
Author: Hobbelen, R.N.P.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Vos, S. - Vries, S. de - Lindenbergh, R. 

Optimizing closure works: A case study on the Kalpasar closure dam
Author: Jong, H.C. de
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Mooyaart, L. - Broos, E. - Bos, J. van den

Seizing the opportunities from the energy transition: A study of the Port of Rotterdam
Author: Kerpel, A.W.J.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Taneja, P. - Osseweijer, P. - Vervoorn, P.H.J.

Sustainable alternative designs for the Tongzhou Bay Port: A design study at the potential of alternative reclamation configurations through a 'Building-with-Nature' approach, in preserving and creating valuable habitat based on two specialised coastal shorebird
Author: Muller, J.R.M.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Wang, Z.B. - Maren, B. van - Chen, Y.P. - Gong, Z. - Chu, A. - Tao, J.F.

Suction bucket jackets for offshore wind: a reliability based analysis of geotechnical installation design
Author: Remmers, J.A.
Thesis Committee: Gavin, K. - Pisano, F. - Reale, C. - Raymackers, S. - Nekeman, B. 

A Statistical Analysis on The Hazard of Drought: The Quantication of Hydrological Drought in California, United States of America
Author: Sanjaya, S.
Thesis Committee: Morales Napoles, O. - Kok, M. - Hrachowitz, M. - Veldkamp, T.

Reliability Analysis of the Nezahualcoyotl Dike in the Aztec City of Tenochtitlan
Author: Torres Alves, G.A.
Thesis Committee: Morales Napoles, O. - Hofland, B. - Jonkman, B. 

Error Correction for Wave Modelling
Author: Emmanouil, S. 
Thesis Committee: Nane, T. - Gaytan Aguilar, S. - Schouten, J.J.

Stability analysis of XblocPlus crest element
Author: Janssen, D.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Hofland, B. - Bos, J. van den - Reedijk, B. - Eggeling, T. 

The Pipingontspanner: Feasibility of a piping measure based on relief wells
Author: Olsthoorn, T.A.W. 
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. - Voorendt, M. - Jommi, C. - Schweckendiek, T. 

Comparing one and two-dimensional hydraulic modelling of flow on varying spatial scales: Identifying the physical processes that are of influence to the modelling choice of a stream system
Author: Overduin, M.J.
Thesis Committee: Sloff, K. - Reniers, A. - Zijlema, M. 

Optimal construction and transportation method for gravity based foundations for offshore wind farms on commercial scale: Application of a new developed design method
Author: Tuin, J. 
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Reinders, K. - Houwing, E.J. - Putten, E. van 

The impact of uncertain Antarctic ice sheet dynamics for future coastal erosion: A probabilistic approach for a data-scarce environment in the Caribbean
Author: Verschuur, J.
Thesis Committee: Katsman, C. - Aarninkhof, S. - Vries, S. de - Drijfhout, S. - Le Bars, D. 

Jet behaviour in longitudinal deepening shallow flows: A case study to the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier
Author: Zande, B.J. van de
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Labeur, R.J. - Sloff, K. - Broekema, Y. 

Load testing of a quay wall: Evaluating the use of load testing by application of Bayesian updating
Author: Adel, N. den
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Gijt, J. de - Roubos, A. - Schweckendiek, T. - Brinkgreve, R. - Wolters, H.J.

Modelling climate change-related feedbacks between seagrasses and suspended sediment in the Rødsand lagoon (Denmark)
Author: Akerboom, L.F.D.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Herman, P. - Dijkstra, J. - Luijendijk, A. 

Evaluating the applicability of 2DH models for the prediction of mega nourishments: A case study of the Hondsbossche Dunes
Author: Arends, I. 
Thesis Committee: Kroon, A. - Aarninkhof, S. - Schipper, M. de - Labeur, R.J.

Technical and value obstacles faced by Building with Nature flood defence solutions: A case study on technical feasibility in relation to value conflict in Building with Nature flood defence solutions for the Houtribdijk reinforcement project
Author: Barakat, B. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Flipse, S. - Wehrmann, C. - Ton, A. - Bricker, J. - Jonissen, R. - Vries, M. de

Maintenance dredging in the Port of Rotterdam: A research to the increase in maintenance dredging volume at Port of Rotterdam
Author: Bruijn, L.H. de
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Maren, B. van - Wijdeven, B. - Kant, G. 

A Conceptual Integrated Parametric Design Tool for Excavation Sites
Author: Hendriks, C.C.A.
Thesis Committee: Rots, J. - Hendriks, J.W.C. - Nederveen, S. van - Voorendt, M. 

Predicting the dune growth at a mega nourishment: By using a process based Integrated Hydro- Aeolian- Morphodynamic model.
Author: Hooft, T. van het
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Vries, S. de - Luijenbijk, A. - Prooijen, B. van 

Reliability updating of experienced Hydraulic Structures by account of inspections: Case study: Poiree weir Roermond
Author: Jebli Ouazzani, H. 
Thesis Committee: Willems, A. - Molenaar, W. - Baggen, J. 

2D modelling of initiation of failure of a clay slope under wave overtopping load
Author: Langevelde, A.B. van
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Damme, M. van - Hofland, B. - Steenbdam, G.J. - Joustra, R. 

Stability of rock-based emergency measures based on the Grave Weir calamity
Author: Oorschot, H. van
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Hofland, B. - Smith, G. - Kortlever, W. 

Estimating the roughness of muddy beds: A study based on in-site measurements and numerical modeling
Author: Speerstra, H.J. 
Thesis Committee: Herman, P. - Maren, B. van - Colosimo, I. - Zitman, T. 

Flood Risk Assessment of the Clear Creek Watershed considering compound events
Author: Torres Dueñas, L.F.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Bricker, J. - Sebastian, T. - Bruijn, K. de - Hrachowitz, M. 

Optimizing Shoreface Nourishment Design Using The Concept Of Equilibrium Beach Profiles: A Case Study In Nags Head
Author: Visser, R. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Reniers, A. - Schipper, M. de - Walstra, D.J.R. - Kana, T. 

Brouwershaven: Is there a necessity to adapt the harbour constructions in the harbour of Brouwershaven, or to secure them against the reduced tide in the Grevelingen lake?
Author: Vlieger, F.M.G. de
Thesis Committee: Gijt, J. de - Vellinga, T. - Verlaan, J. - Pelt, R. van 

Test Loading of Quay Structures using FEM: A case study to determine the load capacity of the old Amazonehaven and the SIF quay structures
Author: Weringh, M. van 
Thesis Committee: Gavin, K. - Gijt, J. de - Brinkgreve, R. - Broos, E. - Mourillon, N.K.N. - Parcejka, H.E. - Putteman, J. 

April 2018

Creating an online grain size estimator based on hopper sensor data and iterative hopper settling models
Author: Disberg, C.
Thesis Committee: Miedema, S. - Rhee, C. van - Damme, M. van - Hout, R. van der 

Physical modelling of reflection on gentle coasts: Comparing methods to analyse long waves and optimising the lay-out for a wave absorber to minimise reflection in a wave flume
Author: Jansen, L.J.M.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M. - Hofland, B. - Phan Khanh, L. - Aarninkhof, S. 

The determination of the feasibility of a 'Sand Breakwater' on the Nigerian coastline at Badagry
Author: Peters, J.H.J.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Verhagen, H.J. - Bos, J. van den - Scholl, O. 

Morphological modelling of the gravel revetment on artificial composite beaches
Author: Rijper, H.T.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - McCall, R. - Biezen, T.F. van der - Hofland, B. 

March 2018

Stability of Single-Layer Cubes on Lee-Side of Breakwaters: Quantative Research on the Stability of a Single Cubic Armour Layer on the Lee-Side of Breakwaters using a Wave Overtopping Simulator
Author: Drouen, N.A.T.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Hofland, B. - Kuiper, C. 

Non-hydrostatic wave modelling of coral reefs with the addition of a porous in-canopy model
Author: Ridder, M.P. de
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Bos, J. van den - Nederhoff, K. - Babovic, V. - McCall, R. - Rooijen, A. van 

January 2018 - February 2018

Beach Scarp Morphodynamics: Formation, Migration, and Destruction
Author: Bemmelen, C.W.T. van
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Schipper, M. de - Jansen, M.H.P. - Liu, P.L.F. - Vardon, P. 

Issues in Numerical Modelling and Assessing the Flow over Weirs and Groynes
Author: Chit Yan Toe, C.
Thesis Committee: Mosselman, E. - Uijttewaal, W. - Sloff, K. - Rutten, M. - Mohamed, Y. 

The effects of vegetation on riverbank stability in the Ayeyarwady River: The use of the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index as indicator for stabilising effects of vegetation by measuring bank retreat rates
Author: Duijn, D.F. van
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Rutten, M. - Sloff, K. 

Nature enhancing opportunities for an artificial North Sea island: Opportunity study for the Dogger Bank
Author: Frölke, G.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Houwing, E. - Druten, E.J. van - Kuiper, C.

Characterization of incoming tsunamis for the design of coastal structures: A numerical study using the SWASH model
Author: Glasbergen, T.
Thesis Committee: Hofland, B. - Reniers, A. - Bricker, J. - Zijlema, M. - Esteban, M. 

Impact of Tidal Energy Extraction in the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier on Basin Hydrodynamics and Morphology
Author: Guijt, K.
Thesis Committee: Wang, Z.B. - Prooijen, B. van - Labeur, R.J. - Gatto, M. - Bijlsma, A.C.

‘Building with Nature’-type oplossingen voor waterveiligheidsproblematiek IJburg-Amsterdam
Author: Jansma, J.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Bos, J. van - Wesenbeeck, B. van - Hees, H. van

Modelling the effects of excavation pits on fringing reefs
Author: Klaver, S.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Tissier, M. - Spek, A. van der - Nederhoff, K. - Giardino, A. - Jing, Y.

Safety assessment method for macro-stability of dikes with high foreshores
Author: Montfoort, M. van 
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Schweckendiek, T. - Vardon, P. - Maaskant, B. 

Insufficiency of immersion joints in existing immersed tunnels: Case study on functioning of Gina-seal and Omega-seal in the Kil Tunnel
Author: Montfort, R.L.M. van
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Reinders, K. - Broere, W. - Kloosterman, J. 

The conceptual design of a Tidal Power Plant in the Brouwersdam
Author: Saase, M.H. van
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Molenaar, W. - Braam, R. - Reedijk, B. 

Experimental research on channel closure in braided rivers
Author: Spielmann, P.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Blom, A. - Mosselman, E.

The effects of anisotropy and heterogeneity in the piping sensitive layer
Author: Stoop, N.M.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. - Kanning, W. - Eijnden, B. van den - Horst, W. ter - Heerema, J.J.

Risk-based vegetation maintenance in regional water systems
Author: Tilburg, I.M. van
Thesis Committee: Vuren, S. van - Kok, M. - Schoups, G. - Groot, S. 

Integrating engineering knowledge in logistical optimisation: development of a concept evaluation tool
Author: Uijl, J.A.W. den
Thesis Committee: Wang, Z.B. - Morales Napoles, O. - Koningsveld, M. van

Using small scale morphological features on estuarine tidal flats as indicators for large scale morphological shape and development
Author: Verheijen, A.H.
Thesis Committee: Prooijen, B. van - Vet, L. de - Zitman, T. - Herman, P. - Yuan, J. - Reniers, A. 

July 2017 - December 2017

Bathymetry Mapping using Drone Imagery 
Author: Aarnink, J.L. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - de Vries, S. - Slobbe, C. - de Zeeuw, R.

Understanding the interactions between crescentic bars, human interventions and coastline dynamics at the East coast of South Korea
Author: Athanasiou, P.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Ranasinghe, R. - Schipper, M. de - Vries, S. de - Tonnon, P.K. - Boer, W.P.

Nourishment strategies for the Ameland Inlet
Author: Bak, J.P.
Thesis Committee: Wang, Z.B. - Pearson, S. - Walstra, D. - Prooijen, B. van - Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. van - Loof, A.P. de

Long-term modelling with Xbeach: combining stationary and surfbeat mode in an integrated approach
Author: Bart, L.J.C. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S.G.J. - Bode, W.P. - McCall, R.T. - Luijendijk, A.P.

The influence of incident waves on runup: A comparison between a phase-averaged and a phase-resolving XBeach model
Author: Beer, A.F. de
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Tissier, M. - Schipper, M. de - McCall, R.T. - Long, J.W.

Wave-Induced Currents Within Mangrove Forest
Author: bin Kamaluddin, A.A.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Stive, M. - Uijttewaal, W. - Ye, Q. - Zhang, R. - Tas, S.

Scour holes in heterogeneous subsoill: A numerical study on hydrodynamical processes in the development of the scour holes
Author: Bom, S.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Huismans, Y. - Jacobsen, N.G. - Labeur, R.J. - Sloff, K.

Influence of Stakeholders on urban quay walls: Determining the resistance using a Construction & Stakeholder matrix
Author: Breederveld, C.
Thesis Committee: Hertogh, M. - Gijt, J. de - Kool, J.

Probabilistic downtime analysis for complex marine projects: Development of a modular Markov model that generates binary workability sequences for sequential marine operations
Author: Bruijn, W.E.L.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Gelder, P. van - Morales Napoles, O. - Hendriks, A.J.H.

Beach representation in morphodynamic predictions: Coupling models to improve beach behavior applied to Anmok beach
Author: Caichac Avilés, D.I. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Luijendijk, A. - McCall, R. - de Boer, W. - Reyns, J.

Assessment of the effects of nourishments on coastal state indicators, using a Bayesian modelling approach
Author: Diamantidou, E.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. - Vuren, S. van - Vries, S. de - Giardino, A. - Santinelli, G.

A follow-up feasibility study to an amphibious spray pontoon
Author: Dicker, J. 
Thesis Committee: van der Blom, E.C. - van Rhee, C. - Miedema, S. - Duinkerken, M.

Collision Resistance of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Lock Gates: A study of the behaviour and damage during collision
Author: Edmondson, B.S. 
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - de Gijt, J. - Molenaar, W. - Hoogenboom, P. - van der Meer, F. - van der Tol, Th.P.M.

Dredging of Reservoirs
Author: Elzinga, L.
Thesis Committee: Rhee, C. van - Keetels, G. - Sloff, K. - Huijsmans, M.G.M. - Zuijderwijk, W.M.

Analysis of the measured data of sediment nourishments in the Rhine River
Author: Emmanouil, A.
Thesis Commitee: unknown

Feasibility Study of the Hub and Spoke Concept in the North Sea: Developing a Site Selection Model to Determine the Optimal Location
Author: Gerrits, S.B.J.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Kuiper, C. - Quist, P. - Druten, E. van

Quantifying Wave Attenuation by Nature-based Solutions in the Galveston Bay
Author: Godfroij, M.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Berchum, E. van - Vuik, V. - Verhagen, H.J.

Coastal dune behavior and the role of sediment supply in the aeolian system
Author: Gong, Y.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Vries, S. de - Prooijen, B. van - Hoornhout, B. - Rauwoens, P.

Automatic Quantification of Beach Occupation Using Oversegmentation and Machine Learning
Author: Gulden, F.J.H.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Schipper, M. de - Daamen, W. - Radermacher, M. - Zeeuw, R.C. de

Engineering design guidelines for salt marsh development: Focused on the effect of grazing strategies on the coastal protection property 
Author: Hábetler, Z. 
Thesis Committee: de Vries, J.J. - Aarninkhof, S. - van Prooijen, B. - Vuik, V. - van Koningsveld, M. 

Reducing the flash flood hazard in the Sinai
Author: Harding, J.H. 
Thesis Committee: Rikkert, S. - Kok, M. - Maaskant, B. - van der Hoeven, M.L.E.B. - Bogaard, T. - Kanning, W.

Tropical Cyclone Statistical Wind Estimation: In Regions with Rare Cyclone Occurence
Author: Hoek, J.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Morales Napoles, O. - Zijlema, M. - Caires, S. - Ormondt, M. van

Dynamic Stability of Tunnel Elements During Immersion and Transportation
Author: Jelia, A.J.
Thesis Committee: Zitman, T. - Hoogenboom, P. - Hjelde, H.

Improving XBeach non-hydrostatic model predictions of the swash morphodynamics of intermediate-reflective beaches
Author: Jongedijk, C.E.
Thesis Committee: McCall, R. - Reniers, A. - Schipper, M. de - Werf, J.J. van der

Sediment pathways in San Francisco South Bay
Author: Kempen, O.M. van
Thesis Committee: Pietrzak, J. - Wang, Z.B. - Maren, B. van - Wegen, M. van der

Implications of Fine Sediment Dynamics in Relation to Flushing Operations for Physical Habitats at the Meso-scale
Author: Knook, V.G.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Sloff, K. - Blom, A. - McClain, M. - Zolezzi, G.

Wind Turbines near Flood Defences: Study on the impact craters of falling nacelles hitting a dike
Author: Kramer, V.N.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. - Voorendt, M. - Vardon, P. - Spaargaren, G.R. - Schelfhout, H.A.

Remote sensing of swell waves in the North Sea with Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar
Author: Kwant, M.D.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Verlaan, M. - Lopez Dekker, P. - Eleveld, M.A. - Dongeren, A.R. van

Analyzing the influence on compound events on flooding in the downstream reach of the Houston Ship Channel
Author: Liu, F.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Sebastian, T. - Morales Napoles, O. - Labeur, R.J. - Jaeger, W.

The influence of vegetation on flow and transport mechanisms: An experimental study on sediment transport mechanisms in two parallel stretches of vegetated and non-vegetated bed
Author: Lokin, L.R.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Sloff, K. - Mosselman, E. - Penning, W.E.

Parametic wave growth in a frequency integrated wave model
Author: Lugt, M. A. van der
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Roelvink, D. - Martin, V. - Van Dongeren, A.R. - Reyns, J.

Understanding the influence of beach morphology on the alongshore variance in wave run-up on an intermediate reflective beach, considering bars and cusps
Author: Luit, B.H.W.J. van
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A. - Hofland, B. - McCall, R.

Simulation model to assess the effective capacity of the wet infrastructure of a port
Author: Macquart, A.P.G.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Dorssers, C. van - Daamen, W. - Bijlsma, R.

Adaptive Port Planning for Phase II of New Priok Development in Indonesia
Author: Mustarakh Gelfi
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Taneja, P. - Gijt, J. de - Hasmi, A. - Hamonangan, D.

Research into pile toe failure in Amazonehaven
Author: Nejad, R.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Gijt, J. de - Es, S. van - Verlaan, J. - Pacejka, H. - Middendorp, P.

Deformable and energy absorbing protection against ship collision
Author: van Oorschot, N. 
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. - van der Toorn, A. - Peters, D.J. - Verheij, H.J. - Fousert, M.W.

Channel closure in large sand-bed braided rivers
Author: Ostanek Jurina, T.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Mosselman, E. - Sloff, K.

Planning an Adaptable Port: A Study of Port of Kuala Tanjung
Author: Prakoso, A.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Taneja, P. - Verlaan, J. - Plas, R.A.B. van der

The influence of hydropower developments on the Mekong delta
Author: Pronker, J.S.
Thesis Committee: Sloff, K. - Uijttewaal, W. - Mosselman, E. - Huismans, Y.

Wave dynamics behind a shore-normal breakwater: towards better understanding and modelling of coastal impacts at sandy coasts
Author: Rietberg, D.C.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M. - Zijlema, M. - Huisman, B. - Boer, W. de

The influence of the Sand Engine on the sediment transports and budgets of the Delfland coast: Analysis of bi-monthly high-resolution coastal profiles
Author: Roest, L.W.M. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - de Vries, S. - de Schipper, M. - Tissier, M.

Optimum enlargement of the Eefde lock using a simulation model
Author: Shi, J.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. - Verheij, H. - Daamen, W.

On the maintenance of the adjacent coast by sediment transported from recurring beach nourishments: A case study for the Holland coast
Author: Simonse, J.
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Lodder, Q. - Spek, A. van der - Tonnon, P.K. - Lazar, M. - Prooijen, B. van

Scour holes in heterogeneous subsoil: An experimental study to improve knowledge of the developement of scour holes in heterogeneous subsoil
Author: Stenfert, J.G.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Huismans, Y. - Labeur, R.J. - Sloff, K. - Raaijmakers, T.

Stability of block mattress under non-uniform flow downstream of sluice gate
Author: Tian, Y.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Verhagen, H.J. - Kuiper, C.

Flow-Induced Vibrations of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Hydraulic Gates
Author: Veldhuizen, J.C.A.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, B. - Tieleman, O. - Molenaar, W. - Meer, F. van der

Flexible evacuation method: Minimize loss of life probability for a given flood threat
Author: Verheij, Y.P.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. - Kolen, B. - Voorendt, M.

Offshore pumped hydropower storage: Technical feasibility study on a large energy storage facility on the Dogger Bank
Author: Vilder, L.H. de
Thesis Committee: Jonkamn, B. - Horst, A. van der - Bricker, J. - Molenaar, W. - Druten, E.J. van

Exploration into the mechanisms that govern the stability of an Xbloc armour unit
Author: Vos, A.B. 
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Verhagen, H.J. - Hofland, B. - Reedijk, B. - Jacobs, R.

Stability of stones on mild slopes
Author: Wendt, E.A.F.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W. - Hofland, B. - Kuiper, C. - Jumelet, H.D.

Flushing Basins: A study on the effect of geometric parameters on the performance of a flushing basin system
Author: Zee, W. van der
Thesis Committee: Aarninkhof, S. - Winterwerp, H. - Zitman, T. - Cleveringa, J.

January 2017

Investigating spectral wave properties and their effects on bottom evolution induced by waves and current
Author: Boersen, S.J.M. 
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Van Prooijen, B.C. · De Schipper, M.A. · Van Maaren, D.S. · Meirelles, S. 

The role of mud on the long-term morphological development of a tidal basin
Author: Fotis, G. 
Thesis Committee: Van Maren, D.S. · Van der Wegen, M. 

Accuracy assessment of coastline dynamics based on satellite images: Application to the Holland coast
Author: Hagenaars, G.S. 
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · De Boer, W.P. · De Vries, S. · Luijendijk, A.P. 

Relation between vegetation and sandbar dynamics in the Colorado River
Author: Loozen, M.M. 
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Sloff, C.J. · Mueller, E. · Vargas Luna, A. 

Potential mechanisms for the salt marsh recession on Sturgeon Bank
Author: Marijnissen, R. 
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Aarninkhof, S.G.J. · Borsje, B.W. · Prooijen, B.C. · Rijks, D. 

Stability of block mats under flow conditions
Author: Smyrnis, A. 
Thesis Committee: Verhagen, H.J. 

Closure of offtakes in Bangladesh: Causes and assessment of remedial measures
Author: Vila Santamaria, R. 
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · De Jongste, A.L. · Mosselman, E. · Blom, A. 

The effects of induced earthquakes on the breakwaters in Groningen
Author: Vossenaar, E.H.F. 
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Verhagen, H.J. · Reinders, K. · De Gijt, J.G. · Dijksma, N. 

Riverbank protection removal to enhance bar formation for habitat diversity
Author: Wetser, A. 
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Mosselman, E. · Labeur, R.J. · Duró, G. · Penning, E. · Yuan, J.  

Gravity based foundations for offshore wind turbines: Cyclic loading and liquefaction
Author: Wijngaarden, M.J.P.
Thesis Committee: Gavin, K.G.

September 2016 - January 2017

The impact of isostatic rebound on the long term evolution of Hornafjordur inlet
Author: Angelerou, P.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F.

Steel–Concrete–Steel Sandwich Immersed Tunnels For Large Spans
Author: Bekarlar, K.Z.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Bakker, K.J. · Braam, C.R. · 't Hart, C.M.P.

Developing a framework for an ecosystem-based approach to sustainable marina development: Including a framework application case study for a marina on the island of Mauritius, Indian Ocean
Author: De Boer, G.G.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · De Jong, M. · Wijdeven, B. · Broekhans, B.

The effect of initial concentration on the consolidation behaviour of mud: A study on lake Markermeer sediment
Author: Van den Bosch, B.A.P.
Thesis Committee: Winterwerp, J.C. · Barciela Rial, M. · Luger, H.J. · Van Paassen, L.A. · Vijverberg, T.

Episodic density-induced current velocities at the Gemini offshore wind park
Author: Claessens, C.
Thesis Committee: Pietrzak, J.D.

Pumping Station for the Future: Re-design using multi-objective robust simulation optimization
Author: Van Druten, E.J.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Timmermans, J.S. · Van Berchum, E.C.

Towards a rapid assessment flood forecasting system for the Southern California coast
Author: Van Engelen, T.E.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · De Schippers, M.A. · Tissier, M.F.S. · Van Ormond, M.

On the predictability of the notional permeability of breakwaters as a function of core properties
Author: Franken, J.T.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J.

Technical feasibility of the Tilting Lock: Structural and morphological analysis of the trench required for the Tilting Lock in a case study at the Haringvliet bridge
Author: Heemskerk, P.W.M.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Molenaar, W.F. · Van Prooijen, B.C. · Poldervaart, C.

The Extended North Sea Storm Atlas: Improving and extending a new statistical approach for rapid flood forecasting in coastal areas
Author: Heineke, D.C.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M.

Optimal traffic flow at the IJ, Amsterdam: Investigation of the influence of the Java bridge and the Stenen Hoofd bridge on the traffic flow at the IJ in 2025 from the perspective of the recreational fleet
Author: Hofland, F.P.J.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Verheij, H.J. · Molenaar, W.F. · Bloemendal, M.

Design Study of a Flexible-Membrane Tsunami Barrier Concept
Author: Horsten, B.P.M.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Hofland, B. · Marissen, R. · Van der Ziel, F.

Aeolian transport on a beach: Testing the AeoLiS aeolian sediment transport model against the observed recovery of Fire Island
Author: Janssen, R.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M.

The development of a fine sediment nourishment strategy for the rehabilitation of an eroding mangrove-mud coast: Case study on the village Bedono in Indonesia
Author: Julianus, E.J.B.
Thesis Committee: Winterwerp, J.C. · Stive, M.J.F. · Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. · Van der Goot, F. · Van der Wegen, M.

Design tool for an offshore harbour
Author: Kassimi, A
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T.

Hydrodynamics below a closed fallpipe system: The profile of a rock berm acquired with rock placement operations
Author: Kevelam, M.D.J.
Thesis Committee: Van Rhee, C. · Keetels, G.H. · Schott, D.L. · Hovestad, M. · Visser, C.

Modeling the contribution of infragravity and incident band swash on wave run-up on East coast South-Korean beaches
Author: Koudstaal, K.R.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · McCall, R.T. · De Schipper, M.A. · Tissier, M.F.S.

The stability of rock on mild slops under wave attack
Author: Kramer, R. 
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaak, W.S.K. · Hofland, B. · Kuiper, C. · Jumelet, D. 

Consolidation be haviour of soft cohesive soils, the correlation between different scale model tests: Case study of the Marker Wadden
Author: Olphen, E.J.C.
Thesis Committee: Winterwerp, J.C.

The effect of small density differences at large confluences
Author: Van Rooijen, E.J.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J.

``Slibvaren’’: Adjustment of the harbour admittance policy by reduction of the minimal required under keel clearance (UKC)
Author: Roukens, G.A.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T.

Translation waves induced by high head lock systems
Author: Smorenburg, F.J.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Verhagen, H.J. · Quist, P. · Tuin, H.G.

Wave-induced stem breakage in a vegetated foreshore and its implication on probability of flooding
Author: Suh Heo, H.Y.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Vuik, V. · Van Vuren, B.G. · Van Prooijen, B.C.

Coastal protection in the Mekong Delta: Wave load and overtopping of sea dikes as function of their location in the cross-section, for different foreshore geometries
Author: Tas, S.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F.

Assessment of the influence of permeable pile groins on nearshore hydraulics
Author: Vasarmidis, P.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F.

Flood risk reduction interventions for the New York City subway system: A research on the impact of storm surge and sea level rise on the safety against flooding in urban delta's
Author: Vermeij, D.A.A.N.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Molenaar, W.F.

Feasibility of using wave enhancement methods to optimise wave conditions in wave energy converter arrays
Author: Van der Wiel, R.J.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M.

May 2016 - September 2016


Closure of the New Waterway: An adaptive and innovative design for a navigation lock in Rotterdam
Author: Dorrepaal, S.G.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Molenaar, W.F. · Braam, C.R. · Van Gelder, C.R.J. · Van der Ven, P.

Evaluation of seismic induced liquefaction and related effects on dynamic behaviour of anchored quay walls
Author: Elsäcker, W.A.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · De Gijt, J.G · Brinkgreve, R.B.J. · Besseling, F.

Evaluation of a tsunami risk-reduction system for Kamakura, Japan
Author: Okumura, N.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Esteban, M. · Hofland, B. · Lendering, K.

Breach flow slides
Author: Peelen, G.P.
Thesis Committee: Van Rhee, C. · Keetels, G.H. · Van Damme, M. · Mastbergen, D.R. · Van den Ham, G.A.

Reliability Analysis for the Flood Defence System along the Huangpu River, Shanghai
Author: Wang, Z.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Havinga, F.J. · Ke, Q. · Schweckendiek, T. · Verhagen, H.J.

March 2016 - May 2016

Reliability of a dike influenced by a building: Development of a probabilistic method for slope stability of a dike containing a building inside the soil profile
Author: Jongerius, Y.R.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Voorendt, M.Z. · De Gijt, J.G. · Terwel, K.C. · Kool, J.J. · Bäcker, A.

High-Resolution Atmospheric Modelling and the Effects on the Prediction of Wave Characteristics
Author: Van Laerhoven, C.R.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Groeneweg, J. · Van Vledder, G.P. · Zijlema, M. · Verhagen, H.J.

Chicago Fish Barrier: The design of a fish free passage for vessels between the Mississippi and the Great Lakes
Author: Roest, J.C.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Van der Toorn, A. · De Gijt, J.G. · Braam, C.R. · Abspoel, R.

Quay walls in urban areas: A method to predict the remaining life span
Author: Van Tilborg, R.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · De Gijt, J.G. · Van Dijke, A. · Bakker, K.J. · Pasterkamp, S. · Hilgers, J.C.

The effect of pH and the solids composition on the settling and self-weight consolidation of mud
Author: Hendriks, H.C.M.
Thesis Committee: Winterwerp, J.C. · Jacobs, W. · Van Paassen, L.A. · Barciela Rial, M. · Ibanez Sanz, M.E. · Yuan, J. · Chew, S.H.

Stability of the IJsselkop bifurcation at design discharge
Author: Vereijken, K.H.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Blom, A. · Mosselman, E. · Heineke, D.

December 2015 - February 2016


The effect of flooding along the Belgian Meuse on the discharge and hydrograph shape at Eijsden
Author: Rongen, G.W.F.
Thesis Committee:  Kok, M. · Maaskant, B. · Mosselman, E. · Morales Napoles, O. · Buiteveld, H. · Hegnauer, M.

Flood Risk Assessment & Investment Framework: A framework for flood risk reduction strategies in the Hollandsche IJssel
Author: Schoemaker, M.A.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Van der Scheer, P. · Vos, R. · Verlaan, J.G. · Dupuits, E.J.C.

Decision Support Method for the Initial Selection of a Breakwater Alternative in Dutch Inland Waterway
Author: Vos, G.J.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Hombergen, L.P.I.M. · Kuiper, C. · Van der Linde, P. · Verhagen, H.J.

Retardation of breach growth under high flow velocities: Applicability of a bentonite-additive
Author: Foortse, B.
Thesis Committee: Van Rhee, C. · Visser, P.J. · Bisschop, F. · Yuan, J.

The design of multi-value sand nourishments
Author: Gijsman, R.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Yuan, J. · Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. · Luijendijk, A.P. · Jansen, M.H.P. · Liu, P.L.-F.

Effect of changes in outer-delta bottom topographies on salt water intrusion
Author: Van Aarle, R.R.J.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Wang, Z.B. · Mosselman, E. · Ye, Q. · Van Rooij, S.

Probabilistic downtime analysis for complex marine projects: A state-of-the-art model based on Markov theory to generate binary workability sequences for sequential operations
Author: Rip, J.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Van Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. · Morales Napoles, O. · Hendriks, A.J.H.

Autonomous dredging of mud
Author: Swart, R.N.
Thesis Committee: Van Rhee, C. · Van der Schrieck, G.L.M. · Miedema, S.A. · Kollen, J.

Gravity Based Foundation: Scour and design optimisation
Author: Van Eijk, T.F.A.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Labeur, R.J. · Molenaar, W.F. · Van Stralen, J.M. · Yuan, J.

September 2015 - November 2015


Adaptive Port Masterplanning for Europoort at Port of Rotterdam
Author: Arecco, P.H.E.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Hertogh, M.J.C.M. · Taneja, P. · Oosting, M.W. · Vervoorn, P.H.J.

Flood risk reduction in the Rhine-Meuse estuary
Author: Dokter, J.C.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Verlaan, J.G. · Van der Toorn, A. · Van Waveren, H.R. · Botterhuis, T.

Port and channel sedimentation: A hybrid model for rapid assessments
Author: Van Leeuwen, Y.B.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Luijendijk, A.P. · Slinger, J.H. · De Boer, W.

Outer-Bank Shear Stress in River Bends: Numerical Modeling of Curved Flow
Author: Van der Meer, A.W.
Thesis Committee:          Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Crosato, A. · Mosselman, E.

A method to calculate the probability of dike failure due to wave overtopping, including the infragravity waves and morphological changes
Author: Oosterlo, P.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Van der Meer, J.W. · McCall, R. · Vuik, V. · Verhagen, H.J.

Structural reliability analysis of a dike with a sheet pile wall: Coupling Reliability methods with Finite Elements
Author: Rippi, A.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Schweckendiek , T.

Road toward a standardized lock gate: Design of a concrete modular rolling arc gate
Author: Van Rossum, S.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Van der Toorn, A. · Braam, C.R. · Van Duijvenbode, J.D.

Stability of Gravel on Mild Slopes in Breaking Waves
Author: Wit, E.M.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Kuiper, C. · Zijlema, M. · Jumelet, H.D.

Effectiveness of the Sand Engine: An objective evaluation with the Frame of Reference approach
Author: De Weerdt, B.J.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Van Koningsveld, M. · Van Eekelen, E.M.M. · De Schipper, M.A. · Luijendijk, A.P. · Chua, V.

Numerical analysis of the Forchheimer coefficients and the maximum pressures for a dike with impermeable core and permeable Elastocoast layer
Author: Azikci, M.A.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Verhagen, H.J. · Van den Bos, J.

Project South Durban: Understanding the Sediment Transports and Budgets around the Durban DigOut Port, South Africa
Author: Habets, F.C.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Walstra, D.J.R. · Huisman, B.J.A. · Slinger, J.H. · Luijendijk, A.P.

Study on the impacts of floating seaweed on wind waves
Author: Mou, Y.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Schouten, J.J. · Zijlema, M. · Vuik, V. · Cao, H.J.

Morphological development after the July 2014 flow slide on the tidal flat of Walsoorden in the Western Scheldt
Author: Van Schaick, S.J.
Thesis Committee: Wang, Z.B. · Van der Werf, J.J. · Mastbergen, D.R. · Van Prooijen, B.C. · De Vet, P.L.M.

Feasibility study of lowering the Beneluxtunnel
Author: Weeda, T.R.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · De Gijt, J.G. · Bakker, K.J. · Braam, C.R. · Broos, E.J.

Validation of X-band radar-derived current measurements at the Sand Engine: The relation between spatial scale of wave dispersion analysis and accuracy
Author: Weijenborg, A.J.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.H.J.M. · Tissier, M. · Hoekstra, R. · Friedman, J. · Swinkels, C.

Zakkende grond op ankers
Author: Dijkstra, S.D.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Bakker, K.J. · Abspoel, R. · Meinhardt, G. · Larsen, H. · De Gijt, J.G. · Van Schaik, C.N.

Increasing the Reliability of Settlement Predictions: A Bayesian Approach
Author: Van der Meijs, R.C.J.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Van der Wiel, W. · Schweckendiek, T. · Zwanenburg, C.

Predicting Coastal Hazards with a Bayesian Network
Author: Poelhekke, L.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Van Dongeren, A. · Ferreira, O. · Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Den Heijer, C. · Jäger, W.S.

Sustainable LNG regasification terminal
Author: Quirijns, S.
Thesis Committee: Velllinga, T. · Quist, P.

Flow beneath inland navigation vessels
Author: Robijns, T.
Thesis Committee: Verheij, H.J. · Vellinga, T. · De Koning Gans, H.J. · Sieben, A.

The Accuracy and Error Sources of Radar-derived Bathymetry by the XMFit Algorithm
Author: Tenthof van Noorden, C.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Friedman, J.A. · Hoekstra, R. · Radermacher, M. · Swinkels, C.M.

Integrated Sustainable Port Design: Framework Development Port Masterplan
Author: Zheng, Z.Z.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Broekhans, B. · Wijdeven, B. · Mooij, M. · Yeh, P. · Jing, Y.

Building-with-Nature Solutions for Hurricane Flood Risk Reduction in Galveston Bay, Texas: Conceptual Design Study
Author: De Boer, R.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · De Vries, S. · Labeur, R.J. · Van Ledden, M.

Incident, infragravity and very low frequency wave motions on an atoll reef platform
Author: Gawehn, M.A.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Van Dongeren, A.R. · Van Rooijen, A.A. · Storlazzi, C.D. · Zijlema, M.

Semi-nonlinear analysis of the effect of deepening on tidal asymmetry
Author: Van der Leer, N.A.
Thesis Committee: Winterwerp, J.C. · Van Prooijen, B.C. · Wang, Z.B. · Dijkstra, Y.M.

Opening and closure of intermittently open natural inlets
Author: Rijkenberg, L.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Nielsen, P. · Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Van Rooijen, A.A. · McCall, R.T.

June 2015 - August 2015

Modelling sand-mud-bed interaction in the Scheldt estuary
Author: Groenenboom, J.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Van der Werf, J.J. · Van Prooijen, B.C. · Van Rooijen, A.A.

Modelling the impact of large scale sediment dumping on the meso-scale hydro- and morphodynamics in the Western Scheldt
Author: Palaiogianni, N.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Van Rooijen, A.A. · Van der Werf, J. · De Vet, L.

Investigation of a generic design method for the preliminary design of a dry dock
Author: Treffers, J.G.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Hombergen, V.J.W. · Van Nederveen, G.A. · Wijdeven, B.

Finite Element Modelling for Earthquake Loads on Dykes
Author: Winde, H.P.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Brinkgreve, R.B.J. · Schweckendiek, T. · Visschedijk, M.A.T.

Physical model tests on stability and interlocking of new breakwater armour block Crablock
Author: Broere, A.
Thesis Committee: Van der Meer, J.W. · Verhagen, H.J. · Kuiper, C.

Realising a floating city
Author: Ko, K.K.M.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Molenaar, W.F. · Hoogenboom, P.C.J.

Sedimentation Hazar Port
Author: De Vet, M.G.W.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Winterwerp, J.C. · Ye, Q. · Jansen, M.H.P.

Assessment of the consequences of higher safety standards for flood defences along rivers in The Netherlands
Author: Van Zuijlen, J.J.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Van Vuren, B.G. · Mosselman, E. · Kroekenstoel, D.

Development of scour in non-cohesive sediment under a poorly erodible top layer
Author: Van Zuylen, J.A.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Sloff, C.J. · Labeur, R.J. · Mosselman, E. · Talstra, H.

Strength of the grass sod on dikes during wave overtopping
Author: Bijlard, R.W
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Van der Meer, J.W. · Verhagen, H.J. · Steendam, G.J. · Mom, R.J.C.

Improving the Stewart Platform Design of the Ampelmann System for Asymmetric Load Cases
Author: Bresser, G.
Thesis Committee: Metrikine, A.V. · Paap, M. · Van der Toorn, A. · Hoving, J.S.

Ecology-based bed protection of offshore wind turbines
Author: Buijs, K.W.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Slinger, J.H. · Van den Bos, J.P. · Hermans, A. · Brocklehurst, J.

Turbidity Currents in Reservoirs
Author: Commandeur, A.S.
Thesis Committee: Sloff, C.J. · Winterwerp, J.C. · Yang, J.C. · Rutten, M.M.

Modeling the interaction between wave hydrodynamics and flexible aquatic vegetation
Author: Döbken, J.W.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Uittenbogaard, R.E. · Jacobsen, N.G. · Hu, Z. · Van Rooijen, A.

The effect of islands in the Río Magdalena on discharge and sediment transport into the Canal del Dique, Colombia
Author: Doets, I.J.E.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Mosselman, E. · Sloff, C.J. · Henrotte, J.J.

Uncertainties in future dike design
Author: Evers, G.A.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Verhagen, H.J. · Napoles, O.M. · Stijnen, J.

Interaction between flood defences and pipelines subject to induced earthquake loads in Groningen
Author: De Greef, J.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Bardoel, J.W.S. · Kruse, H.M.G. · Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M. · Vardon, P.J.

Performance-based seismic analysis of an anchored sheet pile quay wall
Author: Habets, C.J.W.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Metrikine, A.V. · De Gijt, J.G. · Peters, D.J.

Tidal Wave Energy Converter
Author: De Kloet, M.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Vrijling, J.K. · Van der Toorn, A. · Vardon, P.J. · Sektani, K.

An assessment on hydro- and morphodynamic proceses at the sand motor during the Decemberstorm of 2013
Author: De Kort, J.G.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Luijendijk, A.P. · De Schipper, M.A. · Reniers, A.J.H.M.

Analysis of the notional permeability of rubble mound breakwaters by means of a VOF model
Author: Van der Neut, E.M.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Verhagen, H.J. · Van den Bos, J.P.

An interdisciplinary design study of nature friendly banks made of residual material to enhance biodiversity in a port
Author: Sangster, S.J.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Slinger, J.H. · Quist, P. · Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M.

A conceptual design of the Houston Ship Channel Barrier
Author: Schlepers, M.H.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Van der Toorn, A. · Braam, C.R. · Sebastian, A.

Design of mangrove rehabilitation projects on tropical coasts
Author: Harihar, S.
Thesis Committee: Verhagen, H.J. · Burgmeijer, M.

Impact of beach states on net longshore sediment transport
Author: Vargas Solis, A.
Thesis Committee: Huisman, B. · Stive, M.J.F. · De Schipper, M. · Reniers, A.J.H.M.

March 2015 - May 2015



Hydrodynamic loading on oversized cylindrical cargo during marine transport
Author: Wijnands, R.G.M.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Van Der Toorn, A. · Den Haan, J. · Jongbloed, A.

Tidal Flow Separation at the Sand Motor
Author: Zeelenberg, W.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Reniers, A.J.H.M. · De Schipper, M.A. · Radermacher, M.

Waves arising from Hirano’s conservation model for mixed-size sediment morphodynamics: an experimental study
Author: Berkhout, B.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Blom, A. · Sloff, C.J. · Stecca, G.

Construction of the new lock in Terneuzen using pneumatic caissons
Author: Van Corven, T.A.W.
Thesis Committee: Van Tol, A.F. · Molenaar, W.F. · Bakker, K.J. · Molendijk, W.O.

An interdisciplinary process-based framework for sandy coastal developments
Author: Van der Moolen, L.N.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Slinger, J.H. · Luijendijk, A.P. · Van Wesenbeeck, B. · Price, T. · Vikolainen, V.

The feasibility research of standard quay walls for the port of Rotterdam
Author: Tisheh, I.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · De Gijt, J.G. · Braam, C.R. · Taneja, P. · Broos, E.J.

Future of weir Linne
Author: Verduijn, M.
Thesis Committee: Van der Toorn, A. · Verkerk, H. · Braam, C.R.

Numerical evaluation of stability methods for rubble mound breakwater toes
Author: Verpoorten, S.P.K.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Zanuttigh, B. · Verhagen, H.J. · Ockeloen, W.J.

The shape factor of quarry rock: Reassessment of the value and study into parameters of influence
Author: Witteman, D.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Ngan-Tillard, D.J.M. · Verhagen, H.J. · Stam, C.J.M.

December 2014 - February 2015


Numerical modelling of the growth of offshore sand waves: A Delft3D study
Author: Choy, D.Y.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Hasselaar, R.W. · Borsje, B.W. · Hoekstra, R. · Blom, A. · Ooi, S.K. · Cheong, H.F. · Raaijmakers, T.C.

The effect of a dragging anchor on a horizontal layer of rockfill
Author: Crum, S.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Verhagen, H.J. · Van der Schrieck, G.L.M. · Krouwel, L. · Leung, C.H.

Stability of open granular filters under wave loading
Author: Hollander, W.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · van den Bos, J.P. · Verhagen, H.J. · Verheij, H.J. · Yuan, J. · Reedijk, J.S.

Global Assessment on the Lifetime of Mega Nourishments
Author: Van Steijn, P.W.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Luijendijk, A.P. · Dusseljee, D.W. · Huisman, B.J.A. · Tissier, M.F.S. · Yuan, J.

Cost-effective levee design for cases along the Meuse river including uncertainties in hydraulic loads
Author: Broers, B.W.L.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Schweckendiek, T. · Verlaan, J.G. · Van Lammeren, S.A. · Kuipers, E.R.

Sand Closure Bintan Bay
Author: Huis in 't Veld, M.L.H.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Verhagen, H.J. · Labeur, R.J. · Van der Schrieck, G.L.M. · Jansen, M.P.H. · Kroon, J.

Impact of recent changes in river management on maintenance dredging in the Waal river
Author: Kisoensingh, J.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Van Vuren, S. · Paarlberg, A.J. · Mosselman, E. · Havinga, H.

Cross-shore Velocity Moments in the Nearshore: Validating SWASH
Author: Liao, X.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Zijlema, M. · Meirelles, S. · Henriquez, M.

The impact of a breach in the Afsluitdijk on the probability of failure of IJsselmeer dikes
Author: Van den Akker, P.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Morales Napoles, O. · Visser, P.J. · Schoonen, P.E.M.

Safety Assessment Method for Indirect Failure Mode Flow Sliding
Author: Van der Krogt, M.G.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Bakker, K.J. · De Jager, R.R. · Van den Ham, G.A.

Protection of Shanghai from Flooding: 'Open or closable navigational section?’
Author: Li, Y.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Voortman, H.G. · Molenaar, W.F. · Verhagen , H.J.

Wave runup on atoll reefs
Author: Quataert, E.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Van Rooijen, A.A. · Storlazzi, C.D. · Van Dongeren, A.R. · Zijlema, M.

Ecosystem-based port design: An approach for sustainable port development
Author: Vrolijk, E.F.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Taneja, P. · Slinger, J.H. · Rijks, D.C.

The feasibility of standardization of a mono-pile mooring facility for FSRU's
Author: Watté, K.A.A.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · De Gijt, J.G. · Romeijn, A. · Peters, D.J. · Thumann, V.

Modelling of Grain Sorting Mechanisms in the Nearshore Area for Natural and Nourished Beaches
Author: Broekema, Y.B.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Giardino, A. · Van der Werf, J.J. · Van Rooijen, A.A. · Van Prooijen, B.C. · Chua, V.P.

Potential Measures to reduce Fluvial and Tidal Floods in the Pampanga Delta, Philippines
Author: Van 't Veld, A.C.
Thesis Committee: Van de Giesen, N.C. · Hoes, O.A.C. · Nelen, F. · Stelling, G.S. · Cheong, H.F. · Liong, S.Y.

September 2014 - November 2014


Reliability of a dike influenced by a building: Development of a probabilistic method for slope stability of a dike containing a building inside the soil profile
Author: Jongerius, Y.R.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Voorendt, M.Z. · De Gijt, J.G. · Terwel, K.C. · Kool, J.J. · Bäcker, A.

High-Resolution Atmospheric Modelling and the Effects on the Prediction of Wave Characteristics
Author: Van Laerhoven, C.R.
Thesis Committee: Reniers, A.J.H.M. · Groeneweg, J. · Van Vledder, G.P. · Zijlema, M. · Verhagen, H.J.

Chicago Fish Barrier: The design of a fish free passage for vessels between the Mississippi and the Great Lakes
Author: Roest, J.C.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Van der Toorn, A. · De Gijt, J.G. · Braam, C.R. · Abspoel, R.

Quay walls in urban areas: A method to predict the remaining life span
Author: Van Tilborg, R.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · De Gijt, J.G. · Van Dijke, A. · Bakker, K.J. · Pasterkamp, S. · Hilgers, J.C.

The effect of pH and the solids composition on the settling and self-weight consolidation of mud
Author: Hendriks, H.C.M.
Thesis Committee: Winterwerp, J.C. · Jacobs, W. · Van Paassen, L.A. · Barciela Rial, M. · Ibanez Sanz, M.E. · Yuan, J. · Chew, S.H.

Stability of the IJsselkop bifurcation at design discharge
Author: Vereijken, K.H.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Blom, A. · Mosselman, E. · Heineke, D.

June 2014 - August 2014


Probabilistic risk analysis: Causes of discrepancy between the potentiality & the actuality of costs escalation
Author: Hassan, K.
Thesis Committee: van Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. · Vrijling, J.K. · Verlaan, J.G.

Stability of a crown wall on a breakwater: A refinement of existing design formulae
Author: van Heemst, C.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Zijlema, M. · van den Bos, J.P. · Smith, G.

A modelling study on the residual circulation in the North Sea, with the focus on water fluxes through the Strait of Dover
Author: Linden, L.G.
Thesis Committee: Pietrzak, J.D. · van der Kraaij, T. · de Boer, G.J. · Verlaan, M. · Zijlema, M.

Process-based modelling of the Santo André lagoon: Understanding of the physical processes involved in the inlet closure
Author: Stuij, S.A.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Walstra, D.J.R. · van Rooijen, A.A. · Luijendijk, A.P. · Bertin, X. · Storms, J.E.A.

Innovative tendering and procurement for adaptive designs
Author: Vermerris, P.M.J.J.
Thesis Committee: Taneja, P. · Zwakhals, J.W.

February 2014 - May 2014

2D or not 2D?" Three-dimensional effects in two-dimensional modelling of oscillatory flow in shelf seas and estuaries
Author: Doorn, F.A.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Labeur, R.J. · De Wit, L. · Les, B.A.J.

Interaction between an asphalt revetment and the sand subsoil under wave attacks: Medium scale experiments with old and new asphalt concrete
Author: Kishoen Misier, R.K.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Wichman, B.G.H.M. · Houben, L.J.M. · Verhagen, H.J.

The Arctic Oscillation and its realtion to sea ice concentration
Author: Pleijter, G.
Thesis Committee: Pietrzak, J.D. · Van Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. · Hoving, J.S. · d'Ancona, W.D.

Stability of slope material affected by bow thrusters at open quay structures
Author: Roelse, F.P.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Verheij, H.J. · Verhagen, H.J. · Blokland, T. · Van den Elzen, M.G.A.

Incorporation of the effects of accelerating flow in the design of granular bed protections
Author: Steenstra, R.S.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Hofland, B. · Paarlberg, A.J. · Smale, A.J. · Van den Bos, J.P.

Short Term Morphological Impact of the Eierlandsedam
Author: Visser, P.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Luijendijk, A.P. · Tonnon, P.K. · Lodder, Q.J. · De Boer, G.J.

Modelling and Steering of Tuggerwinches
Author: Lageveen, H.
Thesis Committee: Metrikine, A.V.

An adaptive pumping station at the Afsluitdijk
Author: Van Manen, T.R.W.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Molenaar, W.F. · Van Spengen, J. · De Vos, P.

Effects of coagulation and operational flux on the membrane performance of an inline coagulation/ultrafiltration process for water treatment
Author: Manousaridis, G.
Thesis Committee: Rietveld, L.C. · Heijman, S.G.J. · Chen, J.P. · Lakerveld, R.

August 2013 - January 2014


Effectiveness of floating breakwaters
Author: Biesheuvel, A.C.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T · Quist, P. · Zijlema, M. · van der Hout, A.J. (Deltares) · Hofland, B.

A feasibility study on constructing a flood diversion channel
Author: Lin, C.H.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Schiereck, G.J. · van Prooijen, B.C. · Tonneijck, M.

Sediment sorting at a large scale nourishment - Field data analysis and a cross-shore model study
Author: Sirks, E.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Huisman, B.J.A. · Storms, J.E.A. · Walstra, D.J.R.

The effect of multiple storms on the stability of near-bed structures
Author: van den Heuvel, H.P.A.
Thesis Committee: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · van den Bos, J.P. · Zijlema, M. · van Baaren, P.F.J. · Hofland, B.

Probabilistic coastal vulnerability assessment to storms
Author: Chalmoukis, I.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Ranasinghe, R.W.M.R.J.B. · Zijlema, M. ·  Jiménez, J.A.

Evaluation of the usability of a rapid flood model
Author: Oujamaa, I.
Thesis Committee: Vrijling, J.K. · Jonkman, S.N. · Winsemius, H.C. · van Ledden, M. · Lindenbergh, R.C.

Developing a design criterion for the shoreline response to multiple submerged breakwaters
Author: van der Baan, A.L.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Ranasinghe, R.W.M.R.J.B. · Luijendijk, A.P. ·  de Boer, G.J. · van Overeem, J.

Hurricane surge risk reduction for Galveston Bay
Author: Stoeten, K.J.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Brody, S. · Labeur, R.J. · van Ledden, M. · Willems, A.

Invloed van getijdewerking op de stabiliteit van de Vlaketunnel
Author: Benhaddou, N.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Bakker, K.J. · Vervuurt, A.H.J.M. · Broere, W. · Wolsink, G.M.

Energy storage & gravity power
Author: Imambaks
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · van der Toorn, A. · Braam, C.R.

Sediment transport in a fringing reef environment
Author: Bodde, W.P.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · Zijlema, M. · van Dongeren, A.R. · van Thiel-de Vries, J.S.M. · Pomeroy, A.W.M.

 Development of a simulation model for assessment of approach channels
Author: Rayo, V.S.
Thesis Committee: Vellinga, T. · Quist, P. · Daamen, W. · de Boer, J.

Bypass implementation study Itajaí-Açu
Author: Wijs, J.W.L.
Thesis Committee: Winterwerp, J.C. · Wang, Z.B. · van Overeem, J. · Perk, L.M.

Luwtemaatregelen Hoornse Hop
Author: van Cuyck, T.A.P.
Thesis Committee: Stive, M.J.F. · de Nooijer, J.J. · Vuik, V. · van Prooijen, B.C. · Zijlema, M.

Influence and applicability of the Eurocode on locks
Author: van Erp, T.M.J.
Thesis Committee: Jonkman, S.N. · Molenaar, W.F. · Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M. · Adriaansens, D.H.M.

Load interdependencies of flood defences
Author: Klerk, W.J.
Thesis Committee: Kok, M. · Jonkman, S.N. · de Bruijn, K.M. · van Overloop, P.J.A.T.M.