MSc Track: Building Engineering

The MSc track Building Engineering provides you with a broad course focusing on structural design, technical façade design and building physics of large buildings. This includes all important aspects throughout the entire building cycle, from initial planning, construction, the phase of use and onwards to refurbishment and demolition, reuse or disassembly. The focus is mostly on technical aspects of buildings. Principles of architectural design are also examined, since as a civil engineer you will often collaborate with architects. The curriculum is kept fresh by including findings of ongoing research into modules. Examples of this are 3D-printing, parametric design, forensic structural engineering and reuse of existing building structures. 

MSc programmes per September 2022
As per September 2022 we are planning to redesign the master programme Civil Engineering. If this process proceeds as planned, the subjects of the tracks mentioned below will be integrated in the master programme Civil Engineering per September 2022. Students who enroll in the current track in September 2021, can continue this track until August 2024, after which a transition into the new master programme Civil Engineering will apply. The curriculum of the new master programme will be published on our website as of August 2021. Please contact the study advisors if you have urgent questions at this moment or consult our frequently asked questions section.

Key features of this track:

➨ Most lecturers are part-time involved in industry, implying that our teaching is realistic and grounded both in academic and practical knowledge

➨ Friendly and approachable professors and lecturers

➨ 1/3 of our students graduate on a thesis topic from a company, 1/3 on an academically oriented topic, 1/3 in a self-developed thesis project

➨ Diverse mix of Dutch and international students, many nationalities

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Photoheader: © Seth Powers - Raffles City Hangzhou (architect UNStudio)