Steel, hybrid & composit structures 
The focus of this chair is teaching and research in steel constructions in the field of various civil engineering works. This includes research into stability, connections, lifespan prediction (fatigue, crack growth, brittle fracture) in buildings, civil health service, hydraulic engineering, offshore and other objects.
Concrete Constructions 
The chair of Concrete Constructions focuses on the construction – i.e. design, calculation and execution – and the maintenance and management of constructions in reinforced and prestressed concrete.
Implementation of Civil Engineering Constructions 
The chair of Implementation of Civil Engineering Constructions focuses on the relationship between the execution and the design. This involves teaching and research regarding the optimisation of the integration of design and execution and the optimisation of later maintenance by taking the right measures in the design phase.
Process Innovation
The focus of the chair of Process Innovation is the simulation and implementation of new systems and processes in the construction sector.
Methodical Design 
The essence of the chair of Methodical Design is the conception and formalisation of new systems and processes in the construction sector.
Computational Mechanics
The chair focuses upon numerical methods and algorithms for solving complicated problems in mechanics.
Mechanics of Structures
This chair focuses upon advanced and innovative modelling techniques for the analysis and design of civil engineering structures.  
This chair focuses on teaching and research with regard to the dynamics of structures and structural elements. The analysis of wave and vibration phenomena in civil engineering structures is of primary importance.
Concrete Modelling and Materials Behaviour / Materials Behaviour and Materials Modelling
This field of interest involves fundamental materials science: experimental and theoretical physics and chemistry, fracture mechanics and thermodynamics.
Lifecycle Technology of Construction Materials
The focus of this chair will be on integral chain management, life cycle analysis, re-use of materials, matters pertaining to legislation (Building Materials Decree), etc.
Maintenance Technology
This chair focuses on the field “Durability of Concrete Structures”.
Road Engineering
The focus of this chair is the structural design, the construction, the management and maintenance of embankments, foundations and paving for roads, airfields, port areas and transhipment areas.
Rail Engineering 
De leerstoel Railbouwkunde richt zich op het gedrag van spoorwegmaterialen onder statische en dynamische verkeersbelasting, alsmede op het dimensioneren, uitvoeren, beheren en onderhouden van constructies voor spoorwegen en trambanen.
Recource and Recycling 
Timber Structures and Wood Technology

Macrolab/ Stevin laboratorium