MSc Track: Water Management

Worldwide, water problems are increasing. The world’s population is growing and with it the demand for fresh water. We are also facing challenges such as climate change and pollution. In the MSc track Water Management, you will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to address these challenges. It focuses on the understanding of surface and groundwater flows and the management, control and utilisation of these flows for society. This comprises flooding, droughts and, for example, urban water supply. Water Management investigates not only the quantity, but also the quality of surface and groundwater. In the track you will first get an overview of the field and then study in more detail irrigation, groundwater, urban flood management, to name but a few topics.

Key features of this track:

➨ High societal relevance

➨ Strong in quantifying water issues

➨ Many opportunities to go abroad - or stay in the Netherlands

➨ Freedom in choosing courses

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