Roberto Mol - Computer Engineering

Hi, I am Roberto Mol, 21 years old and a first year's Master Student Computer Engineering. I finished my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at the TU Delft in July, 2015. I started my Master in Computer Engineering in September of that year also at the TU Delft. I'm an avid gamer; I like to play computer games such as League of Legends and the typical MMORPG's, but I also like to play on the XBOX (Fifa, Halo). I also like to do sports. I play tennis, football and I play Ultimate Frisbee at TU Delft's own Ultimate Frisbee club Force Elektro. I always make sure to have some free time for these things besides studying. I am a Promotioner for the EEMCS Faculty of the TU Delft and I have worked as a TA for one of TU Delft's courses.